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Is there anything sweeter than freedom on the open road?
Grasping the subtleties of another language can take time and becoming fluent is darn near impossible.
Heads up, if you haven't seen season 1 of Stranger Things, this goes into things that happen in Stranger Things season 1.
Some surprising news broke this weekend, and for once it wasn't awful— Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their engagement! I know, I don't think any of us knew they were even dating.
Spicy food good, but let’s get scientific here — the burning sensation you feel when you eat it is caused by capsaicin, which is proven to work as a topical painkiller and a trigger for the brain t
If you grew up with parents who fled a third-world country, or even if your dad imported a trophy wife from Eastern Europe, your childhood was different just because your had one or more parents fr