10 Worst Jobs To Take Your Daughter or Son To

Today kids all over the country get to skip school and mess with their parents copy machines in honor of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Although rerecording your dad’s voicemail and eating all the snacks in the break room can be fun, some kids don’t have the luxury of going to work with mom and pops because their job just isn’t kid-friendly. We’re counting down the top ten jobs where kids are definitely not allowed, unless their parents want to scar them for life.


10. Medical Marijuana Dispensary Worker

With all those medical marijuana brownies lying around, it’s only a matter of time before someone’s kid eats the whole thing and starts seeing pink dragons and singing animals.


9. Superhero

Kids aren’t good with secrets and one candy bribe from the bad guy can put the superhero’s identity in jeopardy if their kid accidently tells them their name.


8. Mobster

Car chases and bullet-riddled windows are probably not the best introduction into daddy’s line of work.


7. Bartender

One minute the kid is sitting happily at the bar and the next they’re slumped over the counter because they thought a tequila shot was juice!


6. Stripper

Watching mommy shake her moneymakers to pay for baby food would turn any kid off boobs forever.


5. Bounty Hunter

Sitting in the car on a family road trip can be bad enough but sitting in a parked car with your parents all day and not being allowed to talk while you wait for a bad guy to maybe come out of a house would be torture.


4. Astronaut

It takes years of training and a high tolerance for space food before most astronauts even get close to blasting off. Plus, space missions cost millions of dollars so suiting a kid up for a trip to the moon would hurt the economy and no kid wants that on their conscience.


3. Ghost buster

Most kids are afraid of monsters in their closet so taking them to fight giant marshmallow monsters or hang out with Slimer might be a bad idea. Taking your kid to work is supposed to inspire them – not give them nightmares for a year.


2. Terrorist

Cleaning guns and cutting out eye holes in ski masks might teach kids the importance of working with their hands, but when it comes to bringing down the world’s super powers, it’s probably best to leave the kiddies at home.


1. Porn Star

Lights, camera, action! Seeing dad’s movie career in action gives ‘Sex Education’ a whole new meaning.

What are some other jobs you should not take your daughter or son to work for? Have you ever gone to work with your parents? Did you like it? Let's discuss below.

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