13 Worst Things to Say When a Cop Pulls You Over

If you get pulled over, don’t use any of these excuses or worse things will happen than your insurance rates going up.


1. “I’m drunk!”

Don’t tell him your breathalyzer is broken, either.


2. “My brakes aren’t working.”

This one is especially ineffective because you had to use your brakes to pull over. D’oh!


3. “My girlfriend got her head stuck under the steering wheel.”

This one seldom works, especially when you’re alone in the car.


4. “It’s an emergency! ‘Glee’ is starting in 10 minutes!”

The officer won’t let you off, especially since “Glee” kinda sucks this season.


5. “Can you just give me a warning? This is my fourth speeding ticket this week.”

Sorry but this is an all around FAIL.


6. “You complete me.”

Even if you say it in sign language, quoting Tom Cruise movies will get you tasered.


7. “I suddenly went blind, but I’m better now.”

Don’t try this one unless your license says you need to wear corrective lenses.


8. “I saw a ghost in the back seat.”

Only try this excuse if the officer has a TAPS bumper sticker on his car.


9. “Wanna hit?”

Don’t offer the cop a toke unless you truly have enough to share.


10. “Are you a man or a woman? I can’t tell.”

A male cop might only give you a smack-down, but a female cop will haul your butt to prison and make sure you get a cavity search.


11. “Can you give me a spanking instead of a ticket?

Just because cops carry bully sticks, it doesn’t mean they’re into corporal punishment, even the sexy kind.


12. “I was having the best dream…”

If you’re going to fall asleep while driving, at least do it in the driver’s seat, not the passenger side floor.


13. “If I show you my boobs, will you let me off?”

This one might actually work.


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