9 Novel Nicknames For Your Man Parts

What is the female obsession with naming a guys man member? Every girlfriend I have had has named my junk, usally within a few weeks. Allthough I have never personally named my parts, I will share with you a few of my favorites...


Alvin & The Chipmunks

Not the most manly of names, but it always made me laugh.


Twig And Berries

I found it odd that she was a vegetarian.


The Captain & Tennilles

While I totally appreciate reachin' back into past decades for kichy refernces, I had to dock points as there is only one Tennille and I have two nuts.


The Jonas Brothers

Now that's not very nice... that's just insulting... to my privates.


The Thundercats

This was a confusing name. She refused to just call my penis Thundercat (singular) instead she called the whole package The Thundercats (plural). She explained that she played no genital favoritism.


Bait & Tackle

I like this one. It's kind of manly.


Huey Lewis And The News

I found this name a bit disturbing as I could swear that I heard her hum "I want a new drug" during the sexy times.


The Trifecta

This was the one name that kinda creaped me out. I never asked were the name came from.


The Three Tenors

This was by far my favorite as I am a fan and she new the individual names of all of the singers.

What's your favorite nick name for a man's manly parts?


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