MySpace Photo Cliches

Whether it is Facebook or Myspace we have all seen those profiles pictures that are just way to off. They are either just socially inept inappropriate or both. So with that said I bring you 10 of the most common photo cliches.


1. The Non Personal Photo

Hey its great that you have a profile with all of your personal information but whats with the creepy photo that makes you look like a 10 year old girl?


2. The "I Am Powerful" Photo

I am not sure what you are trying to convey here. Should I be impressed with your cutlery bying skills, or your quest to be like Wolverine?


3. The Goth/Gangsta

Go goth or go gangsta. Pick a persona to go with, either is no where near accurate.


4. Mr. Obvious

Let me guess. You prefer to be called Mr. Cool Ice? Maybe you run a snow cone stand called Mr. Cool Ice and you are way into company loyalty.


5. The Vertical Self Pose

That's right girlfriend, the vertical self portrait give you the effect of being long and lean... and like you don't have anyone in your life willing to take a photo for you.


6. The Customized POS

I see that you have your website address on the back window. Do you get a lot of calls asking you to turn cars into gaudy advertising boards with a door missing? I love the plywood fin on the back, I think they use plywood on the space shuttle.


7. The Crazy Makeup

Honey, you're a kid. Be a kid, its a beautiful thing. Play with ponies, go see the Jonas Bros. Don't be in a rush to grow up. After 18 you spend the rest of you life trying to be a kid again.


8. The Scary Hair/Face Combo

You, my good sir, have mastered the fine art of freaking out a well traveled Internet veteran. I have no idea what message you are trying to impart to me but I want no part of what you got going on!


9. Emo Kid

I get it. You are very dark and a cutter. You might want to hide the katsup before you take the picture though.


10. The King Of All D-bags

Dude! I mean..... dude! You gotta know you pulled the trigger on the d-bag gun long ago. I have to admit that you do own it and have to made peace with your douchbaggery.


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