I love McDonalds as much as the next guy... or gal for that matter.

I don't live in the UK but I came across this advertisement online and I couldn't help but lmao. I'll share...

To promote Shrek 3-D, UK McDonalds’ decided to push their Aero Mint Chocolate McFlurry by referring to it as the “Ogre-Load”...

...putting a very excited Shrek next to a gigantic cup of chunky minty green-ish milkshake. They then put it on billboards for all to see.

It's no secret that Shrek loves the ladies.

I don’t know that I could order one of these with a straight face -- or consume one for that matter. I'm a little confused as to exactly what "load" of Shrek's I am supposed to be consuming... giving an all-new meaning to the words "Happy Meal".

I never want to think about a cartoon character’s extra curricular activities ever again!!!

And for the record, Guys, I'm not being a perv here...

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