Playboy For The Blind

Every week Suzi Hanks reads to the blind...

Playboy that is.

In the old days blind people were left to their own perverted imaginations, but not anymore!

Suzi doesn't read the entire magazine, but focuses on the articles, jokes, letters, cartoons and YES the pictures.

She spends an hour each week reading and describing, in great detail, the latest issue of Playboy for the seeing imparied.

Suzi told reporters that each woman is like a snowflake... and she wants to describe each unique woman... her piercings, tattoos, hair and skin... to her loyal listeners.

Suzi herself, is a tall, blonde, sexy California gal whose day job is reading the news for a Classic Rock station. So she's got the looks and the voice. Playboy even asked her to pose for the magazine once, but she declined the offer. This gal is classy!

A group has been doing these on-air readings for the blind for over 30 years... they read books, magazines, newspapers... anything your average sighted person might read in a day... including Playboy.


I'm sorry but I think this is awesome. Suzi should be sainted! What do you think?


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