Speidi Sex Tape? Really?

Spencer Pratt, half of the couple known as "Speidi," is threatening to release a sex tape of his estranged wife, Heidi Montag.



Use to be that a sex tape could kill a career... now a sex tape can make a career. Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and now Speidi?



Heidi and Spencer are known to create situations to get attention from the press throughout their entire relationship. So should we believe this sex tape is even real?



Would seem to be so. Spencer and Heidi even got into a twitter war about it recently, where Heidi tweeted "crying," and then the next day "@spencer pratt F U!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Spencer replied "@HeidiMontag Seriously? You're going to start sh*t on twitter?"  and then "@HeidiMontag needs to grow up."



According to The Daily Mail UK: "Sources close to the deal have told celebrity website TMZ that in some of the footage The Hills star probably makes a lot of different facial expressions and in the rest 'not quite so much'."  With a face like this one, obviously she wouldn't be making any facial expressions! 



According to popcrunch.com Spencer said, “When I realized how much Kim [Kardashian] was making [after her sex tape went public], my logic is this is the best thing I can do for my ex-wife,” Spencer told reporters last week. “Kim is on the cover of Allure right now. Heidi isn’t on the cover of Allure." Hmmmm… and Heidi is supposedly upset? He's obviously doing it all for her. What a selfless, giving man. He should be made into a saint.

So what does this mean for other talentless celebs?



According to TMZ, Jersey Shore star Snooki's ex Emilio is envious of his mentor Spencer. He says "Wish I did that with Snooki. But I'm still learning and wasn't as smart as him."

Is the world ready for Speidi sex tapes? Do we even care? Enough with these sex tapes. They're just gross. Ew!


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