Teens Use Condoms More Than Adults!

Congratulations and good work teens of America! Way to go!

The New York Times published the results of a brand new survey on the sex habits of Americans, and it shows that teens are using condoms way more often than adults.

Indiana University did the study and it was paid for by Trojan condom maker Church & Dwight Coand. It was the largest survey of American sex habbits in more than 20 years. Most of the teens involved in the survey weren't even born when the survey started. Sounds like it was about time for a new survey if you ask me.

But get this... a whopping 80% of dudes and 60% of girls under the age of 18, use condoms during sex. Wow! That's almost double the amount of the adults that said they used condoms during casual sex in the survey. Gross! What is up with these adults? Casual sex without a condom = disease and babies. Don't they know that?

“Condom use has become a normative behavior among adolescents,” said Dennis Fortenberry, and a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine who just so happens to be the leader of the teen portion of the survey. “And we need to support continuing efforts to maintain these high levels of condom use.”

So it looks like all these programs for handing out condoms to kids, and sex-ed programs for teens are actually working.

Teens are not reckless with sex like so many people tend to believe. They're actually really responsible when it comes to sex and adults could learn a lesson.

So keep up the good work teens of America! Condoms keep you disease and baby free! Call them anything you like... love glove, scuba suit, rubber, jimmies, caps... whatever you call it... just keep on using them!

What's your favorite nickname for condoms? What do you think of this survey? Keep up the good work!


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