YouTuber Uses Epic Boobs To Escape Jail

Does this woman face look familiar? Look down. Recognize those?

Her name is Winter Pierzina, AKA WintrSprngSummrFall, and she posted some truly spectacular vids last year showing the entire world how she can use her boobs as a giant pink, fleshy purse.

Well Winter had a little accident recently. She was texting and driving, and ended up totaling her car. Oops. If she was going fast enough to total the thing, she's friggin' lucky to be alive. Maybe she was saved by her all-natural airbags?

So now Winter has to do a ton of community service and owes the great state of California $2500.00 in fines and court costs. If she doesn't pay the fine, she (and her amazing boobs) will go to jail. Which is actually fine by me. She's stupid for texting while driving and probably deserves a little jail time.

But this is a recession and Winter doesn't have that kind of cashola laying around or in the bank, so she's created a website so that YOU can pay her court costs and keep those sweet tatas out of jail, and people are actually sending money! It actually kind of makes me sick that people are actually donating money for this bimbo's court fees. Also, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF IT FIRST? It seems like, if you have boobs, and are willing to show them off to people, they will give you money. I have boobs. I think I'm going to create a website (or two)...

This is an awesome website where people can pay my rent so that my boobs aren't homeless.

This could also be another awesome site where people can donate to buy my boobs a car.

This is a super fun site where you can not only donate money for my my boobs to take a European vacation, but you can pay for my friend's boobs to join me. You can also see awesome travel pics of our boobs on vacation, and spending your money.

Actually the possibilities are endless... what would your website be?


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