Alternate Activities For This Weekend: Twins Doin' Stuff

Twins spend so much time using their psychic powers to talk to each other in their minds that sometimes they just need a break!  Here are some of their favorite twin-tivities!


Diggin' Gold


On second thought, maybe they love him for his body...

Bein' Weasels

These gingers are always clownin'!


Changin' Color

Whoa. These twins are REAL!


Dressin' Goofy

It should be like having a mirror... I don't know what they are doing wrong.


Drinkin' Coffee

Good morning mother. We need to have a talk...


Takin' Pictures

I bet these two are haunting someone right now.


Gettin' Creepy



Posin' Sexy

It's like you can rejected twice by the same girl!


Rockin' Headphones

It's never too early to make your children listen to Linkin Park.


Sharin' Bodies

Think of the money these two save by only having one bed!


Playin' Hockey

Quit copying me, eh!


What will you be doing this weekend!


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