Embarrassing Photoshop FAILS

Wow, these people make a living doing this tuff... enjoy these horribly embarassing Photoshop FAILS from around the world!


Seems VERY excited to have a flipper arm


So fun, kids will violate the laws of physics!


Hottest amputee EVAR


Miley is mutating... RUN!


Vampire Cruise Ship has no reflection


When babies wink, it makes their eye turn upside down...


A plane with landing gear is an additional fee


So the original picture was this guy looking for a hug


There was a TERRIBLE accident midway through this photoshoot


Even the jawless can look stylish with JC Penny


Lose weight AND change your skin color!


Whitney Huston: Legendary voice and/or extra hand


To get down to half your size, you need to remove a leg?


There's a dwarf making his way up his back


Cross your fingers. I may win that free finger surgery on the 13th!


This watch will give you crazy eyes


This woman appears to be 80% butt. I'm intrigued.


The only thing worse than lice in your hair is a severed hand


One leg = VERY sexy pirate


I don't have time for the laws of time and space! HAND ME MY GUN!


If you do 8 Minute Abs for 20 minutes, this happens

What the?

Which one gets the gold star?

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