Redneck Weekend Activities

Bored this weekend? Maybe you should try something new... like redneck-style fun! As you will learn, there are TONS of different redneck activities to try out!



Fishing is a healthy and relaxing pastime. You can either kill the fish you catch, or simply release them with a mauled face! It's your choice!


Get A Boat And Fish

Fish tend to hide in water (like cowards), so you might have to find someway out into water.


Take A Drive And Fish

Oftentimes, there isn't water near your house, so you have to travel. Other times, the water is RIGHT THERE next to your house. You can drive then too!


Sit In The Pool And Fish

Sometimes fishing itself is NOT RELAXING ENOUGH.


Ice Fish

Shirts optional! (Ladies, care to join us?)


Fish With Friends

It's more fun when there's more than one!


Fish With Your Bare Hands

When you are too manly for poles, punch a fish in the damn mouth. That'll teach him!


Fish With Your Girlfriend

Girls can enjoy fishing too!


Get Out Your Bow And Fish

It's like you are Robin Hood, and the ocean is rich people.


Go To Seaworld And Fish

Just because that Killer Whale is so smart doesn't make him any less tasty when fried.


Measure Your Fish

Instead of the metric system, we here in 'Merica measure things in beer can units.


Bring Fish Home

All that fishing, and now you are done. Load up your fish and return home a WINNER!

What are you gonna do this weekend?


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