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10 Activities To Do With Your Monkey

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Are you and your monkey sick of doing the same old things every weekend? Well try some of these fun alternatives!


Take A Bike Ride

It's a great way to save gas.


Get Matching Haircuts

Chicks LOVE matching haircuts.


Go Fishing

Monkeys don't even like fish, but they do love the sport of it.


Go For A Drive

Much cooler than having a dog stick their head out the window…


Hit The Beach

Ladies, have you seen my monkey?


Make Out

Illegal in most states, sadly.


Play A Little One On One

They aren't tall, but they really excel at the fundamentals.


Take Some Funny Pictures

Cameras these days are easy to use…


Go For A Swim

Onward, my noble steed!


Have A Sculpture Made To Remember All The Good Times

Not creepy at all!

What are you doing this weekend?


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