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10 Actors Who Should Be In The Expendables 3

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They made a second Expendables movie. They're probably going to make a third. That's just how these things work. The new one is getting some mixed reviews. I think they should shake things up and get a lot of new old blood in the next one. Here are Actors Who Should Be In The Expendables 3!


The Rock

the rock on splash mountain


You may think that The Rock is too young to be on this list, but he turned 40 this year. I think that qualifies him. The only problem is that he might not be washed up enough since he still regularly stars in theatrically released action movies. But with the way the new G. I. Joe movie is going, he may be joining the straight to video club really soon.


Vinnie Jones

vinnie jones holding guns


You probably just know Vinnie Jones as that really tough British dude. He is definitely badass enough to be in the next Expendables movie. Vinnie Jones usually plays a bad guy, but I'd really like to see him on the side of the good guys for once. There has to be a softer side to this bad dude.


Kurt Russell

snake eye patch plate


Would it be weird if Snake Plissken from the Escape From movies was in The Expendables? Since Escape From New York is being rebooted, there is no chance of getting to see Kurt Russell looking like a badass in that eye patch again. They wouldn't have to necessarily call him Snake Plissken in the movie. If Kurt Russell is in the next Expendables, he had better be wearing an eye patch.


Harrison Ford

half indiana jones half han solo art


Harrison Ford might be one of the most underrated action stars of all time. He is Han Solo AND Indiana Jones. They are probably the two most badass badasses of all time. He probably wouldn't want to be one of the stars of the movie, but he would definitely make a fantastic cameo appearance.


Liam Neeson

taken call me maybe meme


Liam Neeson has been in several stinkers in the last few years. Battleship. Do I need to say more? This guy could use a little jump start to his career or else we might see him starring in something as ridiculous as a sequel to Taken. Oh, wait. He is doing a sequel to Taken for some reason. DON'T DO IT! IT WON'T MAKE ANY SENSE! SOMEONE STOP HIM!


Jackie Chan

jackie chan meme


Jackie Chan has always been known as "that funny karate dude" to most Americans. I'd really like to see him finally take a turn as a heel and show how dark the depths of his soul really are. I think he has a greater capacity for malice than anyone would expect.


Sean Connery



Technically, Sean Connery is retired and living in a villa in Greece. That's just code for being cryogenically frozen somewhere in Greece. It's time to unfreeze this dude and let him shine again on the big screen.


Angelina Jolie

angelina shooting gun


There is a serious lack of female representation in the Expendables movie. Angelina has shown over and over again that she can kick a ton of ass in all sorts of movies. The only female member of the team in Expendables 2 is a relatively unknown in America actress named Nan Yu. She's great, but I think they should get a female who's up there in name recognition with the rest of the cast.


Clint Eastwood

clint eastwood norris meme


If the Expendables franchise is supposed to be for grizzled, old action stars. You can't get much more grizzled or old than Clint Eastwood. He won't even need to use any guns. His stare alone is enough to defeat any army.


Rick Moranis

rick moranis scientist


This may seem like a weird choice, but he would be great in this movie. Rick would be a great asset to the team as a hacker. It's basically the only thing that the team is really missing. He might also work as a guy who makes crazy gadgets. He'd be like the Q for the Expendables. He hasn't starred in a live action movie since 1997. This would be a great one for him to come out of retirement for.


What actors do you think should be in the Expendables 3? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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