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10 Alternate Names For Justin Bieber’s Love Child

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Justin Bieber has thousands of screaming fans who want to have his babies, and now one girl is claiming she really did. Beliebers everywhere were shocked this week when 20-year-old Mariah Yeater of San Diego came forward and declared that Bieber was the father of her three month old son, Tristyn. Tristyn seems like the perfect name to commemorate their “tryst” and it got me thinking about other names that would be perfect for the singer’s potential offspring.


10. Ludacris


The rapper added street cred to Bieber’s first hit and the name could also give his kid a little edge.


9. Chance


A chance encounter in a bathroom is rumored to have produced this bundle of joy…so why not?


8. Drew


Justin’s middle name does have a nice – if girly – ring to it. 


7. Sean


Sean Kingston is one of Justin’s best friends AND Sean sounds kinda sorta like the male version of Selena. Maybe girlfriend, Selena Gomez, would forgive him faster if he named his oops in her honor.


6. Justin Jr. or J.J.


Nothing says love like naming a human being after yourself.



5. Jeremy Jr.


Justin’s father, Jeremy, was also a young dad so it seems fitting to name the kid after Justin’s role model.


4. YouTube


Hey, someone named their kid Facebook, so it’s not totally farfetched!



3. Usher


We can blame Usher for unleashing Bieber on the world, so this would be a great way for Justin to show his appreciation.


2. Swagger


We all know Justin has mad swagger and celebrities are known for off-the-wall baby names. Swagger could be the new Jacob!


1. Scooter Jr.


Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, always has the singer’s back and would stick by him whether he was a new daddy or not.

Do you think Justin really fathered Tristyn? What would be a good name for his kid? Let me know!

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