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10 Best Cartoon Theme Songs

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If you were like me, you grew up on 1)Frosted Flakes and 2) cartoons. Like my cavaties, a great cartoon theme song stays with you forever. These are 10 of my favorite theme songs from when I was growing up, and also from now since I still watch cartoons. OH, and a lot of great themes were not embedable on YouTube (I'm looking at YOU, Batman: The Animated Series), so if one of your favorites is missing, don't blame me, blame some coprprate lawyer jerkface.


10. Gummi Bears

How catchy is this song? It's like herpes for your ears! To this day I prefer to get gummy worms instead of bears so that I don't start thinking about this song. Oh no. It's happening NOW!


9. Kim Possible

For a cartoon show about a white teenager, Kim Possible has a pretty R&B sounding theme. That's because the intro is sung by Christina Milian, who is famous for the mid-2000's hit "Dip it low." No word on how low she dipped it recording "Kim Possible."


8. Animaniacs

Back in the 90's things were often done "to the max," but Animanaics was the first show to take zanyness there. America has never gone back.


7. Ducktales

The 90's "Disney Afternoon" cartoons almost ALL had really strong theme songs, but Ducktails was the most sucessful, and probaly the most memorable. It's the "Whoo-oooh" part that really gets you.


6. Denver the Last Dinosaur

It's a totally rad dinosaur, guys! The song is great, but I never wanted to read too much into "he's my friend and a whole lot more"


5. Spongebob Squrepants

No embed ANYWHERE for this. WHY? How good is this song? At this point it's probably the most famous sea shanty in the world.


4. Phineas & Ferb

It's catchy, it's upbeat, and it's also a little sad how it reminds you how both summer and your youth are gone before you know it. Good job, Bowling For Soup.


3. Inspector Gadget Theme

This song has like 3 lyrics, but that lead synth hook is so iconic. It's funky and retro all at the same time.


2. Pokemon

It's a huge, overblown production that somehow rocks? And reminds us that we GOTTA catch them all. I, for one, don't feel comfortable letting down this piece of music. Let’s get pokemon-catching!


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For some reason it's almost impossible to find a good embed of this theme on YouTube. Will you settle for weird hybrid live-action version? I think you have no choice. Fun fact: This show was called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Europe, since "ninja" was considered too violent. Ninja, please!


What is your favorite cartoon theme song? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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