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10 Best Christmas Morning Freakouts

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How was your Christmas morning? You got presents right? (Oh man, I hope you got presents) But there’s NO WAY you were as happy with your presents as these people are. NO WAY.


iPod Touch Kid

I made similar noises when someone got me a Zune.


Blastoise Kid

I know it's a rare card… but sheesh!


Hannah Montana Guitar Kid

I like how even the baby knows this is ridiculous.


Wii Girls


This probably doesn't need the 2nd half. Most of the good screaming happens right up top.


Death Star Kid

That's no moon. It's a Christmas present!


T-Rex Kid

What is it about Tyrannosaurs that make kids evil?


iPod Touch Kid

Is this kid ROFLing in real life?


Wii Boy


This is will not be as funny to this kid when he's in high school.


Light Saber Guy

Is this fake? This might be fake. But I can easily believe this guy would like lightsabers a lot.



This. This is what happiness looks like.


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