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10 Best Kenny Deaths On South Park

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I love me some South Park.  Perhaps the show's greatest running gag is the killing of Kenny. Poor Kenny! But he must die for our amusement. And he must die in creative and unexpected ways.Here's a look at ten of my favorite Kenny deaths. RIP little bastard.


The Jeffersons

You gotta love anything as wrong as Michael Jackson mistaking Kenny for Blanket and then crushing his skull when he playfully throws him into the ceiling. This whole episode is hilarious. Even if it is a little molesty.


Worldwide Recorder Concert

Death by massive defecation. Fear the Brown Note. If you're lucky, it kills you.


Chef Aid

Ozzy Osbourne biting off Kenny's head? A nice clean kill. Well, I guess it wasn't that clean. I mean who knows where Ozzy's mouth has been?


Sexual Healing

This has got to be the strangest reveal ever…I mean, I can't even.  Poor Kenny dies for his sins, while the other boys are left  to deal with their bush obsessions. I'm still waiting for someone to explain the Batman costume to me. Anyone?


Hooked On Monkey Phonics

Who knew monkeys were so brutal? This monkey flung Kenny around like he was a pile of simian doodoo. 


Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus.

I'm pretty sure you can't die this way, but just to be safe, I will definitely only use tampons as directed. Which was actually kind of my plan all along. 



A Pokemon/ South Park Mash-up??? What's not to love? Well for Kenny that answer would be the Chinpokomon-induced seizures. I choose you fried brains.


Chef Goes Nanners

Kenny eats too many antacids and explodes after he drinks water. Hey, if you don't want your friends to die laughing after you die, then don't die in such a gut-bustingly funny manner. No pun intended.


The Ring

After taking off his purity ring and engaging in some hanky panky with his girl Tammy, Kenny catches syphilis and dies. I guess anyone who holds the Jonas Brothers up as role models probably deserves what's coming to them. I kid, I kid.



Three awesome Kenny deaths in one episode!? How can you lose?  But the Kyle chainsaw takedown of Zombie Kenny is gory perfection. Hey, it had to be done, baby!  Not only to save the rest of the townspeople, but more importantly so that he could rise from the grave and be killed once more. Ahhh. Nice.

What's your favorite Kenny death?? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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