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10 Best Law & Order Spin Offs Of 2010

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This year we lost the flagship show in the Law & Order fleet of… flag… ships. But just because Law & Order got cancelled doesn't mean the network didn't want there to be more Law & Orders to replace it. Over 25 new Law & Order spin off shows appeared this year, not all of them were great, but here are some of the best.


1. Law & Order: The Shire

What happens when the cast of Law & Order Special Victims Unit get sent to solve crimes in the Shire? Not a whole lot really, Hobbits aren't big on crime, they mostly just spend time preparing their various breakfasts.


2. Law & Order: Dead Man's Chest

Law & Order takes to the stormy seas to solve ancient maritime legal cases! Stay tuned to find out who the judge felt was technically the legal owner of the Black Pearl. The answer may surprise you!


3. Law & Order: Big Mama's House

Every single member of the cast of Law & Order, through a crazy set of circumstances, has to cross dress as an old African-American woman and go undercover with Martin Lawrence. The episode "Are You Sure All These People Are Really Grandma?" swept the Emmys this year.


4. Law & Order: Pet Detectives

Law & Order takes to the dark underbelly of the world of solving pet related crimes. The season finale, wherein the detectives had to figure out who was forcing all the kittens in the city to live in pairs of workboots, had people guessing until the very end.


5. Law & Order: 2055

The cast of Law & Order: SVU accidentally all get into a time machine at the same time and are transported to the year 2055, after a nuclear war has destroyed all of mankind but a few scattered survivors. Once there they establish a system of laws for Mutants and "Outworlders", then they do what they do best, round up criminals and litigate.


6. Law & Order And A Half Men

With the popularity of "Two And A Half Men" the network decided they ought to do a Law & Order spin off where the entire cast has to adopt the adorable kid from the hit TV series. Man, is it hard to interrogate a murderer when the kid from "Two And A Half Men" is bumbling around the room getting his peanut butter and jelly sandwich eveywhere!


7. Law & Order: Good Will Hunting

This Law & Order spin off is about the detectives from Law & Order trying to figure out what mysterious genius is solving all the math problems Professor Gerald Lambeau is putting up in the hallway.


8. Law & Order: Bad Will Hunting

In this spin off of the popular Law & Order spin off "Law & Order: Good Will Hunting," the detectives must stop "Will Hunting Zero" an ancient evil who seeks to control the seven crystals that protect New York City from the forces of darkness.


9. Law & Order: Dark Of The Moon

The Law & Order: SVU cast has to battle Decepticons on the dark side of the moon. Look out for some especially witty lines about space travel and space food from Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola.


10. Law & Order: Life's A Pic-A-Nic

Someone is stealing all the picnic baskets in Jellystone park and it's up to the cast of Law & Order: SVU to find out who! Note to parents: The interogation of Yogi Bear in episode 7 might be too graphic or "real" for younger viewers. Parental discrection is advised.


What are some Law & Order spin offs you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments!


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