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10 Best Random Internet Celebrities Of 2011

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2011 was a good year for all things internet! Here's 10 of my favorite internet stars who broke out in a big way this year!  I'll be sad to see them fade back into obscurity…that is until their 2012 replacements make their mark!


Benni Cinkle


Hey, I had to put someone associated with Friday and I just refuse to put Rebecca Black on another list! Plus Benni deserves it just for making me feel less white. That is an extremely rare feeling for me to have. We just need to ignore her own misguided attempt at having a singing career, so she can remain adorkable. I hate myself for using that word.


Bread Helmet Man


This man is utter perfection.  If I was Dorothy, he would be my Scarecrow. That's how much I love him.


Royal Wedding Flower Girl


She pretty much summed up how we all felt about the Royal Wedding coverage at some point. OVER IT!


Norwegian Butter Guy

This guy puts Paula Dean's butter love to shame! He's kind of like this year's Chris Crocker, only he's upset about something important. And his make-up is FLAWLESS!


Shironeko–The Most Relaxed Cat In The World


This cat has easily secured the top spot on my list of personal  heroes. When I told him he had won this highly sought after honor, he was positively jubiliant! Here he is celebrating the news:



Zangief Kid—Casey Heynes


 'It Gets Better!" LIKE A BOSS!


Alyssa Bereznak


This hateful beeyotch ragged her date on the tech blog Gizmodo, and was officially declared Scumbag Alyssa by the internet powers-that-be. All because he was a champion Magic: The Gathering player.I don't know, in my book once someone is earning six figures off of their nerd hobby it officially becomes genius. Hey Jon Finkel! Call me! I'll gather your magic anytime! HEY-O!


Sexy Sax Man

Hottest. Sax. Solo. EVER! Rinse and repeat.


Ted Williams– Golden Throat


Everyone was stunned that someone who possessed such a golden voice could end up homeless. 'HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??' A nation cried out! Then he got famous and went back to those drinking, drugging and beating on his daughter ways. Mystery solved. Rehab entered.


Courtney Stodden


You just know this bitch had to be number one! She took the internet and pumpkin patches by storm this year! If you don't agree, it's probably because you're just JEALOUS of her natural ravenous beauty and her lecherous peepaw pedo-hubby. Look for her new reality show in 2012. I think it's gonna be called 'She Makes Kim Kardashian Look Like A Rhodes Scholar And Yet Is Still One Million Times More Interesting"

Who was your favorite  internet star of 2011? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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