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10 Best Reader Comments On My SMOSH Blogs

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The Golden Globes is a constant reminder that fame can be both a blessing and a curse; my time here as a blogger for Smosh has taught me much of the same. While it has gained me thousands of fans it has also put me in the typical A-list spotlight. Comments sections and twitter can be a hotbed of negative energy, as well as positive feedback (but mostly negative). Anyway I’ve learned two things from these comments. 1, Smosh readers are surprisingly good spellers and tend to have better grammar than most of the internet. 2, you guys are super passionate. So I’ve decided to post my pick for the 10 best reader comments. Sorry if I missed you but I’ll do a follow up soon so make sure to keep reading, commenting, and calling me names on twitter @danborrelli




Good point heizerbee, I am an idiot, but not BECAUSE of anything I put on Smosh. Mostly because I do things like leave my laundry in the machine for 3 straight days because I forgot about it or accidentally throw the gas cap in the trashcan after I unscrew it from my car whilst getting gas (true story). And I want to go on the record and say, officially that Smosh does in fact promote piracy because eye patches and a life at sea are badass.




The reason this was fantastic is because the article was about sports. Clearly darthnome felt so passionately about Community in fact being the best show ever, despite is “just saying,” that he couldn’t contain it any longer and needed to share his love with the internet. And I for one thank him. We often need a reminder that Community kicks ass, so thank you darthnome, you are a soldier of comedy.




I’m sorry that you still get CDs for Christmas although it must be pretty cool to still live in 1996. And I will do my best to get better or get of Smosh since I am afraid of you coming after me and hunting me down due to the badassness of your username. Clearly you are so extreme that one, simple X doesn’t accurately portray your level of said extremeness. So I apologize and will continue to tread lightly while under your watchful eye.




Thanks Vertypad! I’m glad I’m inspiring you to try new things. Thanks for reading and may I recommend skiing. It’s both relaxing and physically stimulating!




I think most people agree fnba, I think most people agree. In fact planned Parenthood has been known to play Owl City in their lobbies. WOAH!? Too dark? Probably. Hey also do you think Planned Parenthood is open on Mother’s Day? Cause that just seems wrong.








It’s true. And with said logic making fun of popular stuff being popular makes the humor itself popular therefore me being self loathing is also popular which would make me 3(popular). So basically, “this guy’s making jokes!? Making jokes are OVER!”




I love you guys, I really do. I kid a lot but you rock. But I’m starting to think some of you are not reading the articles and have just become obsessed with firstness. I fear for your addiction, this is a slippery slope. I don’t want to see any of you bumming for change in a back alley just to pay for your first habit.




The only thing that would make this even better is if this guy knows Dane Cook and Dane Cook has a Dane Cook tattoo. And every morning Dane Cook wakes up, looks in the mirror, and says, “man it’s good to be Dane F*#(ing Cook!” And then he makes out with his mirror self. Thanks LiamSamuels for that amazing imagery.




Have you guys noticed these too? Has anyone clicked on them? Cause I’m pretty sure if you do your computer just explodes to protect you from having all of your credit card information stolen like a soldier jumping on a land mine or that dog who jumped in front of his owner before she got hit. Anyway, thanks for all the love and hate guys. We have the best readers ever and you’re all awesome. Now go play outside.


Let me know what you think guys! Drop a “first” in the comments section below or by tweeting at me @danborrelli


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