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10 Best South Park Celebrity Parodies

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South Park is still one of the funniest shows on television. And the skewering they give certain celebs ranks as some of the funniest of the funny. Let's face it…celebs totally deserve it. I'd rather watch hours of celebs getting their asses handed to them on South Park than one minute of Billy Bush kissing their asses on Access Hollywood. I friggin' hate that guy. Here's a look at some of the very best South Park celebrity parodies EVER!


Kanye West

There is no celebrity more ego-maniacal, than self-proclaimed 'genius' Kanye West.  The perfect victim to be the butt of a joke involving not getting a joke about liking fishsticks. The best part is that real life Kanye blogged that his feelings were hurt by this episode.  Poor little gay fish! I'm sure a little autotuned fish hump will make him feel better. 


Saddam Hussein

Only South Park could make me feel bad for Satan.  Saddam is a beeyotch, yo! But I have to say, I'm was totally riveted by the ups and downs of their relationship. If they were ever to get married, I would finally understand all the hub bub surrounding the nuptials of William and Kate. The Hussein/Satan wedding would be TIGHT! 


R. Kelly

Trapped in the Closet is one of my favorite South Park episodes ever. R.Kelly's Trapped in the Closet is probably my favorite hip hopera ever.  It's like Matt Parker and Trey Stone inceptioned the sh*t out of my dreams and made them a reality. I will never be able to repay them.



The episode It's A Jersey Thing is a love letter to every person that thought 'What the f*ck is that?" the first time they saw Snooki. She's like a chupacabra or something. The only good thing bin Laden ever did was take out the Jerseyites. Even if it was only fiction. It felt really good to see. 


Mel Gibson

It's hard to believe that raging lunatic Mel Gibson screaming threats and vulgarity was once a parody. A rare example of life imitating art.


Issac 'Chef' Hayes

Okay technically chef is a character on South Park, but Parker and Stone were for sure taking aim at Issac Hayes, who left the show after he objected to his religion, Scientology, being skewered by the duo. Enter  The Return of Chef,  where Chef is turned into a child molester, because of his religious beliefs. Hmmm….I wonder what they're getting at here? The boys try to save him from his cult, but Chef doesn't wanna leave. So he is electrocuted, mauled by a grizzly and a mountain lion, until he finally dies with a pants full of doo doo. Moral of this story? Don't piss off Parker and Stone.


The Jonas Brothers

You gotta love anything that calls the Jonas Brothers out for being the spineless, goody-two shoes wimps that they are.  I don't feel guilty about being mean to them because they kind of are responsible for giving Kenny syphilis and killing him. Petty sure that's not what Jesus would do.


Paris Hilton

Stupid Spoiled Whore. Not exactly creative, yet so damn perfect. If I was a dog whose owner shoved pineapples up her hooha, I'd probably kill myself too. Sad but understandable.


Charles Manson

Best. Christmas. Special. EVER. All Christmas specials should include sociopathic cult leaders singing cheery holiday tunes.  I mean for me, it wouldn't be the holidays without something f**ked up happening. Gotta love family! I think.


Michael Jackson

Meeting Mr.Jefferson is like the best Michael Jackson biopic ever. Even though technically it's not him. The sleepover scene. When Mr. Jefferson kills Kenny.  It makes me wanna play with Michael Jackson. But sadly, I'm long past ten years old. And he's dead. So there's that too. At least we'll always have My Wishing Tree to sing when we feel sad. Shimona!

What's your fave South Park Celebrity parody?  Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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