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10 Bizarre (And Real!) High School Clubs

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Achievement in Academic excellence by the future leaders of tomorrow is something you may find in any ordinary High School club, but how do you rank the President of the Rubik’s Cube Club? Will the Lumberjack Club Treasury be voted ‘Most Likely to Run for President’ or would ‘Most Likely to be Enthusiastic About Beards and Flannel Way Beyond its Ironic Cultural Appreciation’ be a more apropos title? Whether these clubs are diamonds in the rough or just…rough, here’s a collection of some of the most bizarre and far-fetched High School Clubs (and yeah, they’re all real).


10. Quidditch Club, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

For the nerd that defies the “indoor kid” stigma, but somehow perpetuates the “sweaty nerd” persona. You really can’t win them all.


9. Disco Club, Lane Tech High School

I pray that somewhere there’s a group of teens who started this to appease their Disco-loving parents, because sixteen year olds choosing ABBA over Gaga is more inappropriate to me than Death Metal in a dance recital.


8. Free Hugs Club, Barrington High School

Have you ever noticed that the people offering Free Hugs are the last people you ever want to give a hug?


7. Waffle Club, Oak Park High School

The Future Leaders of Society may claim they have a hold on America’s next president, but any teen that can convince an entire school to fund an excuse to eat breakfast in the middle of the day gets my vote.


6. Zombie Survival Club, Agoura High School

This group meets on even Wednesdays to teach students how to survive a Zombie uprising which makes me wonder WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN AGOURA?


5. Lumberjack Club, Kirkwood High School

I can’t take the violence any more, if the Waffle Club and the Lumberjack Club don’t join forces soon there’s going to be a vicious maple syrup blood bath.


4. “Sticking it to the Man” Club, Kirkwood High School

There was no explanation on the school’s website, so I’m hoping this is just a meeting place for kids who like kicking over trash cans and shaking their fists unlawfully at passersby.


3. Dumbledore’s Army, Park City High School

I’m praying Park City High embraces the agro nerd image sparked by the latest Quidditch kick and has turned this club into a real live geek military. But chances are, it’s about as lively as a game of Magic cards. Sigh. One day, one day.


2. Voice Actor’s Club, Lynbrook High School

I didn’t think I could find an organization more obnoxious than the Glee Club, but leave it to Lynbrook High to prove me dead-wrong. Do you think inhaling helium is the Voice Actor’s Club version of steroids? I’ll just leave that there.


1. Rubik’s Cube Club, Lynbrook High School

This isn’t so much a club as it is a support group for kids who are exceptional at a game that doesn’t matter nor make sense.

What's the weirdest high school club you've ever heard?

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