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10 Bizarre Turn-Ons

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Like most heavy Internet users I have seen about every type of nudie pic out there. I have never really been into 2D naked bodies. That was until the wonders of the Interweb opened my eyes. Be warned, the following pictures might just blow your mind!


1. Ghosts

Even the afterlife has some after hours fun. Ethereal yes, boring no. Who knew that poltergeists could be so randy?


2. The Amish

Basically this is fetish is geared towards the Amish. It consists of women flipping light switches, or just driving cars.


3. The Dutch

You would think this would be hotter than it is, as the Dutch seem to be a free-wheeling people. It is just hours and hours of women walking around in cloggs. There are a few scenes with windmills as well.


4. Wood

This is exactly what it sounds like. Just different cuts and grains of wood. One would think that wood fetishes, and Dutch fetishes would cross over at some point.


5. Leprechauns

This is just the little green guys dancing around and doing a jig.


6. Robots

Seeing as robots don't even wear clothes, this is mostly the word ìohh babyî in Steven Hawkingís voice.


7. Magic

Basically this is a magic show, no one is naked, just scantly clad. Some tricks happen then someone disappears and it over.


8. Unicorns

Even though I am making these types of fetishes up, I have no doubt that unicorn fetishes exists… for many reasons, I don't want to see it.


9. Golf

As boring as the game is to watch, you would think that a golf fetish would be a little more fun. Not so much. Its basically a bunch of old guys wearing plaid telling dirty jokes.


10. Elves

This is not Lord of the Rings elves, this is full on Keebler elves. This angered me the most, not because of what they were doing but because they ruined Chips Ahoy for me.

What other types of turn-ons are out there?


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