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10 Celebrities That Used To Be Strippers

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So the movie Magic Mike comes out this week. You know the movie that has been titillating the internet with its soft porn pics for the last month? Meemaws everywhere have taken down their Taylor Lautner wallpaper and replaced it with this image:

celebrity strippers magic mike


But did you know that this movie is written by star Channing Tatum and is based on his real experiences as a pre-fame male stripper? I know…crazy! But he isn't the only celebrity to have a stripper past! Here's a look at 10 celebrities who used to work the pole.


Lady Gaga

celebrity strippers lady gaga


Lady Gaga once shockingly confessed that before she was showing the world her crotch for free, she used to do it for dollar bills at a skanky strip club. The world rolled their eyes, yawned and then stared blankly as Gaga moved on to her next 'shocking' publicity stunt. At this point I think even revealing that rumored penis would no longer be shocking when it comes to Lady Gaga. Well, maybe for a split-second.



celebrity strippers eve


Pictures surfaced on the internet awhile back exposing the fact that rapper Eve once did some pretty low-rent stripping. It's hard to believe that someone with paws tattooed on their boobies once did something so classless!


Javier Bardem

celebrity strippers javier bardem


Okay,  this one is the first real shocker! And actually the only one on this list I might wanna actually see strip. You know, if I had to pick one. Especially if he's sporting his Anton Chigurh-look. There's just something about a psychopathic killer sporting a prissy hairdo that I can't resist!


Nene Leakes

celebrity strippers nene leakes


After years of rumors, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star finally admitted to once being a 'dancer', as she puts it.  She says she did it for her son and to rebuild her confidence. Yeah, cause when I think self-esteem, I definitely think stripper. Strangely, she doesn't seem to have any shame about appearing on Glee.


Catherine Zeta-Jones

celebrity strippers catherine zeta jones


She may play a Christian crusader in her latest flick Rock of Ages, but Zeta-Jones got her start in the very un-Christian career of exotic dancing. She says she did it to pay for rhinoplasty. Am I the only one more shocked by the fact that she admitted to having a nose job, than the fact that she admitted to exposing her tatas? Nice deflection, Zeta-Jones!


Brad Pitt

celebrity strippers brad pitt


Apparently during his days as a college student, Brad Pitt was a member of The Dancing Bares all-male amateur strip group.  Angelina's all like "So? I open mouth-kissed my brother on national television!" Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't out-wild Angelina Jolie.


The Octomom

celebrity strippers octomom


Speaking of Angelina Jolie,  Nadya Suleman used to strip under the name 'Angelina' back in the day. I don't know what's crazier, having 14 kids without a job or a baby daddy or this fug thinking she looks like Angelina Jolie.  Okay, the kid thing is definitely crazier.


Diablo Cody

celebrity strippers diablo cody


Indie darling Diablo Cody went from stripper to Oscar-winning screenwriter. Nice. Maybe I'm doing this writing career thing all wrong….


Courtney Love

celebrity strippers courtney love


It's not really too shocking to find out that professional trash Courtney Love used to strip. Unfortunately for her daughter, it's actually the least humiliating thing she's ever done.


The Situation

celebrity strippers situation


Just…no. I don't even wanna see that thing fully-clothed in a True Religion sweat suit. 

Are you surprised by any celebs on the list? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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