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Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions We’d Like To See

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Lots of people make New Year's resolutions, usually to lose weight and exercise more. Celebrities make New Year's resolutions just like the rest of us, but since they're already skinny and buff, they have to think a little harder about what they need to change. We have a few suggestions to make…


1. Miley Cyrus

“I, Miley Cyrus, resolve not to become the Lindsay Lohan of 2011.”

That might be a tough one, sweetie. In 2010 you smoked salvia from a bong, gave a lap-dance to director Adam Shankman and had “racy” sex pictures of you posted on the internet.


2. Robert Pattinson


“This year, I resolve to appear in a movie in which my skin is a non-sparkly normal color and covered by a shirt.”

Unfortunately it looks like he's not going to get his wish. While he did get cast to be in the remake of "Scent of A Woman," sadly the director decided to cast him as "Well Built Sparkle Vampire Assailant # 4."


3. Tiger Woods

“I resolve to keep it in my pants this year.”

Good boy, Tiger! Instead of having 15 mistresses, maybe you could only have a couple in 2011.


4. The Situation

“In 2011, I resolve to get my new book, ‘Here’s the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades and Getting in your G.T.L. on the Jersey Shore,’ on Oprah’s book club list.”

We think he’ll not only achieve this goal, but also win an Emmy for Best Actor in a Reality Show—because both are equally likely to happen.


5. Kim Kardashian

“I, Kim Kardashian, resolve to wear more clothing and hang out with men my own age.”

Bieber will be heartbroken…


6. Adam Lambert

“In 2011. I will wear even more makeup and diamond face decals.”

We don’t think that’s possible…


7. Kristen Stewart

“In 2011, I resolve to develop a different facial expression.”

Sorry, Kristen, but this one’s just not going to happen.


8. The Jonas Brothers

“We, the Jonas Brothers, resolve to get real haircuts this year.”

C’mon boys, stop with the perming!


9. Bristol Palin

“This year, I vow to embarrass my mom so bad that she’ll never become President.”

Way to go, Bristol! But what can you possibly do that’s more embarrassing than being on “Dancing With The Stars”?


10. Justin Bieber

“I, Justin Bieber, resolve that 2011 will be the year I reach puberty.”

Maybe in 2012, Bieber…


Would you like to see any other celebrities making changes in 2011? Tell us about it down below.


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