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10 Facebook Groups It’s A Bummer To Leave

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Say you are sitting around with all your body parts and no STDs. Feels good, right? You might even join a Facebook group for people who don't have any STDs. But one little herpes sore, and you are no longer welcome in the group.

If you leave any of these 10 Facebook groups, that means something horrible has happened to you.


10. I Haven’t Tried CRACK


Reason you joined the group: You have never tried crack cocaine.

What leaving implies:  “Crack you say? Normally I’d say no, but what the heck! Let’s try it! I’ll just have to update my Facebook groups later."


9. I’ve Never Been Hit By A Car

Page Description: For all those people out there who havent been hit by a car.

Reason you joined the Group: Feeling pretty lucky about not getting hit by cars.

What leaving implies: Your luck ran out.



Page Description: NO NAZI SUPPORTERS ALLOWED!!!!!!!

Reason you joined the group: You hate Hitler.

What leaving implies:  You’ve warmed up to ole’ Adolf.


7. I Have A Face

Page Description: A group for all of those people who are proud to admit, they have a face.

Reason you joined the group: You have a face, and you aren’t afraid to let people know.

What leaving implies:  Terrible accident and/or ending of “Dark Knight” come to life.


6. Not Being On Fire

Page Description: We have over 800,000 fans… so close to a million i can taste it.

Reason you became a fan: Being on fire sounds unpleasant.

What leaving implies: AHH!!! AHHH!!! AHHH!!!

(Okay, so it's not a "group" it's a "fan page" it's still damn funny.)


5. I’ve Never Been Shot By Dick Cheney

Page Description: If you've been "sprayed" by a barrage of pellets while quail hunting, then you don't belong in this group.

Reason you joined the group: Thought it was hilarious when former Vice President Dick Cheney shot that guy in 2006.

What leaving implies: He’s finally tracked you down. Who’s laughing now?


4. I Have Hands

Page Description: I'm terribly sorry if you don't have a hand.. :/

Reason you joined the group: You have hands and free time for joining groups.

What leaving implies: You had a terrible, terrible accident, but now you have a sweet hook.


3. I Don’t Have AIDS

Page Description: Dedicated to all people who don't have AIDS…

Reason you joined the group: Wanted to let that girl you’re crushing on know you are AIDS free, but didn’t want to bring it up in conversation.

What leaving implies: No date with that girl.


2. I Have Friends

Page Description: If you don't have a friend, don't join!

Reason you joined the group: Let your friends know you have friends. (Wait, what? You’re stupid.)

What leaving implies: All your friends got together to surprise you for your birthday, but your house exploded before you got there. That, or you just don’t have any friends.


1. I Have Never Had Sex With A Goat

Page Description: This is the group for people that have never had sex with a goat.

Reason you joined the group: It’s funny because it’s true!

What leaving implies: You had sex with a goat.


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