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10 Fake Prometheus Spoilers!

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The cast and crew of Prometheus has been really tight lipped about any possible spoilers to the movie. We here at Smosh had a spy on set and he had some very interesting secrets to tell us. Here are the Best Fake Prometheus Spoilers:


Everyone Gets Killed At The End By The Predator

dog in captain hat with funyuns


The Predator is now well established as part of the same Universe as the Alien series. Ridley Scott said that this one wouldn't have the Aliens in it, but he didn't say anything about not having The Predator. It's what we all want! Just give us what we want.


The Entire Movie Is An Elaborate Funyuns Commercial

dog in captain hat with funyuns


Ridley Scott only has one message that he wants future generations to take away from his latest film. EAT FUNYUNS OR THE ALIENS WILL GET YOU!!!!!11/p>


Thanos Show Up After The Credits

thanos powering up


It's time to get the Avengers 2 hype machine going. Prometheus is the first of many surprising movies this year that will have Avengers teasers after the credits. Others include The Dark Knight Rises, Rock of Ages, and Ice Age: Continual Drift.


All Of The Aliens Look Like Justin Bieber

bieber as navi from avatar


Ridley Scott is know for creating one of the scariest alien monsters in film history. It isn't half as scary as an army of Justin Biebers. Most people won't be able to finish the movie. They'll run from the theater screaming the lyrics to “Boyfriend”.


The Ancient Aliens Guy Is The Captain Of The Ship

ancient aliens prometheus meme


Who would cast the Ancient Aliens guy in a major motion picture? Aliens.


The Astronauts Discover The Remains Of Myspace

myspace hipster comeback meme


They end up crash landing because their computer logs in to Myspace and gets too overloaded with advertisements. Tom from Myspace is the evil alien overlord who wants to destroy Earth. The crew is saved at the last minute by a clone of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.


Prometheus Is Actually A Prequel To Pokemon

pikachu with facehugger


Ridley Scott keeps hinting that Prometheus is a loose prequel to the Alien franchise. This is just an elaborate ruse to keep you from knowing the real truth. Prometheus is actually to origin story of how all of the Pokemon made it to Earth. How else do you explain all of their otherworldly powers?


2nd Half Of The Movie Is A Remake Of The 1st Half Of The Movie By Tim Burton

smart raptor tim burton depp meme


Tim Burton is a demon that must be stopped. This time around he couldn't even wait for a movie to be finished before he remade it. All of the characters will of course be replaced by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.


Instead Of Face Huggers, Yoshi Jumps Out Of The Eggs

baby yoshi hatches from egg


Yoshi may seem sweet and innocent, but that's just because you know him as Mario's trained companion. Wild Yoshi's are ferocious beasts that use their tongue to lick your face completely off of your head. Licking your face off is just how they start. Before long, they'll eat your entire body and poop you out as star bits.


It Was Earth The Whole Time

planet of apes statue of liberty


You Maniacs! You blew it up! [email protected]#& you! [email protected]#& you all to hell!


What other secret spoilers for Prometheus have you heard about? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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