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10 Funny Things That Look Like Other Things

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Pareidolia is a psychological phenominon where your brain tricks you in to making visual connections between to things that have nothing to do with each other. In other words, it makes stuff look like other stuff. Most stuff that looks like other stuff is either kind of boring or looks like a wang. Seriously, almost everything looks like a wang if you look hard enough. Here are the funniest things that look like other things.


Ultrasound Venom

ultrasound venom


Having a baby is super magical and blah blah blah. It has got to be every parent’s nightmare to have their baby turn out to be Spiderman’s archnemsis Venom. At the very least, it definitely raises a lot of questions about who the real father is. I mean, I know that I’M not in a symbiotic relationship with a goo from outerspace. WHO’S THE REAL FATHER?!?!


Battletoads Onion

battletoads onion


Battletoads was one of my all time favorite video games. It was a perfect combination of hilarious and fun. When I first saw this onion, I was kind of hoping that maybe this was some sort of viral marketing for a new Battlestoads game. Unfortunately, this onion is probably the closest we’ll ever get to having a Battletoads sequel.


Dog Butt Jesus

dog butt jesus


Jesus has been seen in just about everything. Name a thing and someone has seen Jesus in it. I think my favorite example of Jesus pareidolia has got the be dog butt Jesus. He was supposed to be a really humble dude. What’s more humble than showing up on a dog’s butt? Maybe that’s why dogs are always sniffing each other’s butts. They’re looking for salvation.


Bioshock Goastse

bioshock goatse


When you see something like this, it’s hard to say whether or not it was put in the game intentionally. Either way, it’s pretty awesome that it’s in there. If you don’t what goatse is, please please please don’t look it up on Google. You will regret it more than that time you told everyone at school about your new internet girlfriend that turned out to be some old creep.

Chicken Ocarina of Time

chicken Ocarina of Time


A lot of times people see Jesus or the Virgin Mary in their food products. Other times, it’s a Chicken Tender that’s shapped exactly like Link’s Ocaina of time.


Bacon Dolphin

bacon dolphin


I suddenly have the urge to eat dolphins.


Jake the Dog from Adventure Time Coffee Lid

jake the dog coffee lid


Did the person who discovred this do when he was tired, and needed coffee, or did he notice it after lots and lots and lots of coffee?



Fat Head Majin Buu

fat guy's head looks like majin buu


Usually the back of some fat dude’s shaved head just looks like a pack of hotdogs. Occasionally, something wonderful happens likng the back of some fat dude’s shaved head looking like one of my favorite villains from Dragonball Z. I really don’t want to know what this looks like when shaved fat head Majin Buu powers up. It probably involes a pile of chicken wings that disappears in thirty seconds.


Mars Rock Lizard

nasa photo of lizard rock


Recently, the internet exploded because someone thought a blurry picture of a rock on Mars looked kind of like a lizard. A lizard on Mars? That’s so ridiculous. First off, NASA has thousands and thousands of pictures of Mars. Something was bound to look like something. And secondly, we all know that all of the space alien reptiles are here on Earth running all of the world’s governments.


Teapot Hitler

teapot hitler billboard


A lot of people got upset when they thought that this billboard showing a new teapot looked a lot like Hitler. I personally thought the tea pot looked more like Charlie Chapin. I’d much rather have whatever bells and whistles that Charlie Chaplin thought that I deserved.


What are some other funny things that look like other things? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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