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10 Halloween Costumes That Will Get You Some Action

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As we get older Halloween raises it’s own set of questions and concerns. Gone are the days of trying desperately to be the kid on the block with the creepiest, coolest, most colorful costume… now are the days where your costume search relies more on whether or not your costume is gonna get you some action!

Luckily for you, I’ve done the research and have unearthed some of the world’s sexiest costumes… guaranteed to get the attention of the opposite sex!


1. Fire Foxy

This costume has it all: incredibly creative, geeky, handmade, and tells the world loud and clear that you’re a pretty happenin’ chick. Comfortable in your adorability as well as the super-stretchy fabric that’ll allow you to dance the night away at your friend’s Halloween house party, this look has it all.


2. Tron

Both topical and super sleek, this costume from the Disney movie, “Tron” could be the perfect outfit that tells that special lady, “Hey, I’m kind of a geek – but at least I’m gonna look damn cool no matter what.” A serious PRO to this body suit (besides its general comfort level – a huge plus) is that its glow-in-the-dark powers can not only light up a room, but make sure that you and your future lover never get separated by fate.


3. Sookie From “True Blood”

Ladies, a great thing to look for in a costume is always the ability to string a couple of things together from your closet effortlessly while making it look like you put a great deal of effort into your look. With this Sookie costume, all you really need is a blank T-shirt, an apron, and a sassy Southern accent and you’re set to go. Add some fake teeth marks to your neck and you’ll direct the date you desire’s gaze right where you want it.


4. Don Draper From “Mad Men”

While we’re on the topic of TV characters, a great quick costume for men and a great bit of eye candy for retro-minded women is Don Draper (or literally any male character from AMC’s hit TV show, “Mad Men”). You can accomplish this costume by either borrowing a suit from an older male member of your family, or putting together the pieces from a local thrift store or vintage shop. Get a pack of fake cigarettes, slick your hair and then feel free to politely flirt with every female at the party, but be sure to do so in that classic ‘60s style. The women around you won’t be able to resist your charm, and you’ll never break character.


5. Tripped-out Pixelated Costume

This is for the girl who likes to get crafty, and loves to be rest assured that no one will steal her look at the Halloween party. Play an optical illusion on the object of your heart’s desire by decking yourself out in this faux pixelated look. You can accomplish this easily by buying a stage make-up palette (I highly recommend anything by Ben Nye) and sewing together bits of squares to a shirt you already own. Though be careful after snaring that crush you’ve been eyeing, kissing may take away half your costume.


6. Storm Trooper

There’s something about a masked man that seems to drive women wild. Perhaps it’s the way in which it hides all of your facial expressions, maintaining this incredibly rare element of mystery. Despite whose attention you seek, showing up to a party decked out in head-to-toe Storm Trooper gear will surely catch the entire party’s attention, and from there you can just narrow in on your potential date like it’s an X-wing rebel fighter.


7. Dress Up Your Dog as Yoda

I know this may not be technically considered a costume you yourself put on, but if you dressed up your dog in this, took him to a local dog park – I swear to you, the phone numbers will come rolling in. As if the dog itself wasn’t cute enough to attract the right member of the opposite sex, this goofy get-up surely will. It tells the object of your desire, “Hey, I love my dog so much that I like for him to participate in the greatest holiday ever just like the rest of us.” What’s that? Oh yeah, that was her heart melting. You’re totally in.


8. Holly Golightly From “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

A cliche? Yes. Classy? Also, yes. If you’ve ever wondered why a good handful of girls are almost always clad in a little black dress and their hair up in a French twist, it’s because not only is this costume somewhat comfortable and very flattering, but it allows the wear-ee of the get-up to truly feel like Hollywood royalty, if for just one night. This feeling boosts your self-esteem, and with that comes confidence, and with that – well, you see where I’m going here. You won’t be standing by the side at the party alone for very long, is all I can say.


9. Zach Galifianakis

Sure, this image is from his break-out role in, “The Hangover” but if you go as Zach in pretty much anything that he’s ever done, I can guarantee you some cute comedy nerd chick is going to pounce on you from the moment you walk through the door. This is just plain science. You can accomplish this look by easily rummaging through funny graphic Tees at your local vintage store (be sure to stock up on oversized sweatshirts with kittens and other hilarious images on them), as well as either growing a beard, or nabbing a fake one from a local costume shop.


10. Kissing Booth

I think that this costume is self-explanatory… if you wear it, you're going to get kissed. I don't know who is going to kiss you… you may not like who kisses you… but you'll get kissed… A LOT and maybe more. You can buy one in a store or make one yourself out of an cardboard box and some paint. Wham, bam, THANK YOU ma'am.


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