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10 Items To Pack In Your Prom Night Emergency Kit

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It is that time of year again, Prom is coming and you never know what is going to happen… that's why you have to be prepared for anything. Here are some essential items that every one who is attending a prom this year needs to carry with them.


10. Condoms

You might find yourself elbow deep in a water balloon fight and plum outta of balloons. They also make a handy waterproof cases for your cellphone – perfect way to keep your phone safe in the hotel jacuzzi! A condom is a MUST if you are going to be prepared.


9. Alcohol

You may have to disinfect a cut or dress a wild game hen for a formal dinner. The chances of either of these events happening are very slim, but its' better to be prepared… just in case.


8. Hotel key

If you need to jimmy a door open, a hotel key card can come in super handy… Unless the door you are trying to jimmy is a hotel room that the key has been assigned to.


7. Blow-up doll

You can never be too safe! When it comes to hotel pool safety, it is best to come prepared with your own floatation device.


6. Hand cuffs

Things might get a little weird on prom night, and there is nothing that guarantees you will score more than a good old fashioned pair of hand cuffs. It let's everyone know that you are prepared to make a citizen's arrest if things get out of hand, and nothing turns the ladies on more than a man who can slap the cuffs on them if they get out of control! Fuzzy says you care about comfort.


5. Glitter

If I have learned anything from movies like Footlose and Carrie it's that all proms have a lot of glitter and my thinking is that you can never have enough. So bring extra, everybody loves glitter… even Carrie!


4. Hair gel

Nothing will ruin your date faster than a bad case of Bieber hair. Bring extra product, just in case.


3. Camera

Don't forget your camera! I guarantee that someone will do something embarrassing that they don’t want to be reminded of. It is never too soon to learn the art of blackmail.


2. Cab money

Some people might enjoy themselves a little too much, if you know what I mean… Make sure to have enough money to get you and your prom date to your next romantic destination (or home if necessary). Nothing turns a girl off faster than being stranded with a bunch of drunken a-holes.


1. Molly Ringwalds underwear

If you've seen 16 Candles then you know that Molly Ringwald's underwear can get you out of just about any jam.

What other things should everyone have with them on Prom night? Let's hear it in the comments below.

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