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10 Kids’ Movies That Are Actually Extremely Disturbing

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Some of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen in my life have been in movies made for kids.  There is some creepy crap in some of those kids’ flicks! And psychologist around the world must be very, very grateful. Here’s my list of 10 kids’ movies that left me changed for the worse.



Honestly, who can blame Dumbo for getting drunk after his mom sings “Baby, mine’ to him from elephant jail. But couldn’t he just pass out and wake up with a headache and soiled britches?? Holy crap, this pink elephant drunken trip out scared the hell out of me when I was a wee child! Dumbo just  might be my favorite classic Disney film, but I still get queasy when this scene comes on. FAST-FORWARD!


The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson has never been creepier.  I’m still terrified that the Skeksis will kidnap me and suck out my life essence!  I prefer my muppet monsters to be of the Grover variety.


The Polar Express

I love this book. But there’s just something about this ‘realistic’ animation style that gives me the heeby-jeebies. If I wanted to watch people who have the illusion of being human beings but are still disturbingly faux, I would watch one of the Real Housewives franchises.


The Neverending Story

Swamp of Sadness?? More like the Swamp of gut-wrenching snot cries that leave you humiliated in front of all of your cousins. This is the sole reason I refuse to see War Horse. I can’t even risk seeing anything bad ever happen to a horse again. 


Transformers: The Movie

Thought robots couldn’t die? WRONG! Thought you wouldn’t get choked up when a chunk of metal slooooowly dies before your eyes? WRONG AGAIN!


Return To Oz

This movie should be called ‘Return to the Terror of Your Worst Nightmare’. If you’ve ever wondered what the Wizard of Oz would be like if it was remade into a horror movie, then this is your flick. It puts TF? in WTF?


All Dogs Go To Heaven

It’s bad enough that all dogs go to heaven…do we have to imagine our pets in the firepits of hell too? I don’t wanna imagine Osama bin Laden playing fetch with someone’s beloved pooch!  I mean seeing a dog with his pink wiener out is “Bad! Baaaaad, doggie!’  but not hell bad.


The Care Bears Movie

For me, there is nothing scarier than people that are always happy. I’m a total nervous wreck just waiting for them to go postal. Therefore I hate Care Bears with a passion. Seriously, I find Pedobear more cuddly. Care Bears are up there with clowns on my list of supposedly cheerful child-friendly entities, that would make me wet myself if I woke up and found them staring at me as I sleep. Yeah, I made a list for that.


Watership Down

This movie is right up there with Donnie Darko and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when it comes to movies featuring disturbing bunnies.  I like my bunnies soft and cuddly. Or made of chocolate. Not with teeth bared and covered in blood.



If your heart doesn’t feel like its been torn out and beaten to a bloody pulp after watching this scene, then you didn’t have one to begin with.

What kids’ movies disturbed you as a child? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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