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10 Laziest Named Pokémon

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Every new Pokémon game needs a fresh batch of new pocket monsters, so it is no surprise that there are over 600 Pokémon now. What IS surprising is how lame some of the names are. Do the people that name Pokémon sometimes just give up? Here are the laziest Pokémon names ever.



lazy pokemon names krabby


Naming your crab “Krab” is already super lazy, but then you gotta go and make a reference to Spongebob?



lazy pokemon names ekans


It’s just snake backwards. IT’S JUST SNAKE BACKWARDS!



lazy pokemon names horsea


Oh look. A sea horse. All they did was switch the order of the words, except the way they spelled it, Horsea sounds like “prostitute ocean.”



lazy pokemon names rattata


Oh, it’s a rat. I’m surprised they didn’t go with Rattated.



lazy pokemon names buneary


It’s a bunny. And it’s name basically IS bunny, only it sounds like it was said by a drunk person. For example, one of the drunk idiots over at the Pokémon naming institute.


Mr. Mime

lazy pokemon names mr. mime


It kinda looks like a mime. Let’s address it by its formal name!



lazy pokemon names bouffalant


We get it. It’s a buffalo. Besides, this barely counts as a Pokémon anyway. It’s just a straight up buffalo, and it’s special attack it butting things with it’s head. This is in a universe where GHOSTS CAN BE CAPTURED AND FORCED TO FIGHT DRAGONS, so regular livestock is a little disappointing.



lazy pokemon names mewoth


Meowth is literally just the noise cats make, but with a lisp. I can’t wait for the next batch of Pokemon when we can have the cow Pokemon Mooth.



lazy pokemon names sandshrew


This isn’t even a misspelling or a pun or reversed or anything. It’s just a shrew-like thing that lives in sand. It’s like if they called Magikarp “Waterfish.”



lazy pokemon names seel


“Hey guys, office closes in 2 minutes. What are we going to name this pokemon that looks like a seal?”


I just know I missed some good ones. What do you think is the laziest Pokemon name? Let us know down below!

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