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10 Mark Zuckerberg Status Updates We’ll See Now That The Facebook IPO tanked

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Oh man, have you guys been following the crazy up and down swings of the facebook IPO? This is worse than NFLX’s first Q3 performance with about as much guidance as a drunk LSTZA . AMIRIGHT!? But seriously this whole story has been kind of crazy. Everybody got super excited facebook would become a publicly traded company on Wall Street and it comes out of the gate like a horse that comes out of the gate very poorly. I, @DanBorrelli, understand that these things even out but Mark Zuckerberg must be confused and angry. It’s his baby after all. Lucky for us, the badrillionaire programmer took to one of his favorite social media outlets to talk about the event. Twitter. And he decided to tweet as he found everything out. Really public guy this Zuckerberg.


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picture 7!


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picture 10


How do you feel about facebook now. Still cool? Or 2000 and late? Let us know in the comments! And tweet at zuck @ZuckAttack or Dan @DanBorrelli.


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