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10 Annoying Facebook Photo Clichés

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With all the dang annoying photos we have to constantly see on Facebook, it kind of makes me long for the days when taking pictures was more difficult and expensive. Here's some of the most annoying Facebook photo clichés we are barraged with on a daily basis. Please move on to the next cliché s already, cliché  lovers!  I'll promise to stop using the Pop Art effect in Photo Booth.



Facebook photo cliche duckface


We have to start with the worst of the worst…am I right? I kind of find it amazing that something this ridiculed is still being done at this point. WHY DO THEY THINK THIS LOOKS GOOD?? The only way this is allowed to continue is if Facebook installs a Duckhunt-like game app that allows us to shoot the perpetrators of this pose. Patent pending, Zynga! 



Facebook photo cliche drinking


We get it! You party and you party hard. You PAAAAAARTY!!!!!. First of all, I hate party when used as a verb. It's that kind of usage that sums up everything I hate about partiers. Second of all, no one is jealous that you drank so much you Fergied all over your pants. Posting these kinds of pics is grounds for immediate unfriending in my book.  Sorry Uncle Steve!


"Tough Guy" Poses

Facebook photo cliche tough gangsta


I'm pretty sure real badasses and gangstas don't even have friggin' Facebook pages…just a guess! If they do, they certainly don't take dopey-ass pics of themselves with stacks of dough, drug paraphernalia or Spongebob Squarepants shower curtains in the background.  I watched every episode of The Wire so I know.


Mirror Pics

Facebook photo cliche mirror pic


PEOPLE! This is right up there with Duckface. The sexy mirror pics is long overdue for extinction. Even if you do look sexy in one of these pics you lose about a million sexy points just for taking it. Double points are deducted if you use an iPad. And finally, you must forever be branded with a scarlet F if you use a laptop.



Facebook photo cliche  feet


I don't wanna see your hipster shoe poses and I certainly don't wanna see your feet on vacation. And I MOST certainly, certainly don't wanna see whatever the firetruck the foot photo above is doing.


Charlie Angel-ing

Facebook photo cliche charlie's angels pose


I so badly want the girl they wouldn't let on the hood to go all 'Hulk Smash' on those pretentious little beeyotches.  Then maybe she can take out all the other little twits doing the 'creative' pose du jour.



Facebook photo cliche  artsy


If your photo is the visual representation of a Katy Perry lyric, then you are the opposite of artsy. I don't feel like a plastic bag, but sometimes I feel like having a virtual plastic bag that I can shove all the blurry and instagram-ed photos littering Facebook inside of and then throw them all away in a theoretical dumpster.  


Obviously Manipulated

Facebook photo cliche photoshopped cropped


Trust me, you're not fooling anyone with your bad photoshop and your strategically cropped photos. If you have a 'Facebook you' and a 'real you' I predict a really humiliating fail in your future. I'd feel bad for people like this if they weren't so friggin' dumb. How you gonna forget to Photoshop your boob reflection bigger to, girl? If your gonna deceive at least be good at it!



Facebook photo cliche food


Your food pictures either make me sad or hungry.  I don't mind being hungry but maybe I only have boxed macaroni and cheese and that is no substitute for the Doritos Tacos Locos pic you just posted. Great! Now I'm sad and hungry, you big jerk.


Ironic Pics Of Photo Clichés

Facebook photo cliche ironic


Irony is funny until it becomes a cliché. Or something like that.

What Facebook photo clichés do you hate the most? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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