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10 Most Annoying Facebook Posts By Your Parents

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The most dreaded day in anybody’s online life: The day your inbox shows a friend request from a parent. No more secrets, no more fun. It’s time to take your mom or dad in as a “friend” and share all your personal thoughts and pictures. Here’s a list of some of our favorite types of parental posts:



The mom or dad obsessed with their pets and quote what the cat “says” all day.



The bible thumper giving us these little snippets of hope every day.



Party dad! Freshly divorced from your mom and wants to share everything.



The mom who will make sure and tag every embarrassing photo of you in her arsenal of scrapbooks and faded framed cherished memories.



Moms who need to share celebrities they are attracted to.



The hip parent who knows way too much about the internet and feels the need to show off.



The parents who constantly take pictures off their TV screens and after awhile seem to be hostages in their own livingroom.



Parents who find Twitter to add insult to injury.



The jokester who isn’t in on the joke.



The watchful eye parent. You’re totally screwed.


What's the worst thing your parents have done of Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

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