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10 Most Badass Kids You Don’t Wanna F*~K With!

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There are a lot of scary kids in the world, but these are the most threatening we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot.

Around the globe kids are growing up fast and taking on the bad habits of adults at a very young age. Better role models and more nurturing could have saved some of these juvenile badasses.

Which one would you least like to meet up with after school?

“Demad, nuga, baw baw!”

“Do you see who you’re messin’ with? Back off, Cops!”

“I have taken many lives. One more will not keep me up tonight.”

“You want a lick? Hell no!”

“I can do it myself!”

“Sod off, Wanker!”

“I am actually really sweet. It’s these eyebrows that make me look dangerous.”

“I am armed and committed to my personal Jihad”

“I have been made fun of for nearly a century. I have almost reached my boiling point.”

“My fish! Not your fish! My fish!”