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10 Most Badass Movies Of 2012

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You think you're a badass? You're probably not a badass, but I'm sure you like to feel like a badass. This was probably a pretty good year for you because 2012 was a badass year for badass movies. There were so many badass movies, I thought they needed to be ranked in a badass list. If you haven't seen every one of these movies on this list, then I don't know how you can call yourself a badass. Here are the most badass movies of 2012.


10. The Hobbit

bilbo holding sword


This movie deifnitley had some flaws. The action scenes looked great, but it was shot on fancy new cameras and the footage looked like they borrowed the cameras from a local community college. There were times when I thought to myself, "Why is the cast of Days Of Our Lives dressed up like The Hobbit." Despite that, there was plenty of action, and all of it was really fun to watch.


9. Prometheus

prometheus alien attack


I feel like this movie got sort of a bad wrap. Maybe I'm biased because of my abduction and probing, but there is nothing more scary to me than giant angry aliens. A lot of people didn't think there were enough elements of Alien in it. I'm glad it wasn't an exact copy. What I love about the Alien and Aliens is that they are two movies in the same universe, but are super badass in different ways. I put Prometheus right up there with those two.


8. The Hunger Games

Katniss shooting arrow


This movie is so badass that it single handedly revived the sport of archery. I'm mostly excited about it because once you get in to archery, it's a slippery slope that eventually leads to Renaissance Faires. Maybe my dream will finally come true where Renaissance Faires run year round everywhere in the world. I would probably go every day if I could. I love Renaissance Faires!


7. The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

batman jumping through lightning


I've always been a Marvel fan my whole life, but I got to say that in the past few years, DC has made some awesome animated movies. The first of which was Justice League: The New Frontier in 2008. The best of which was The Dark Knight Returns. It's the story of Bruce Wayne putting the Batman costume back on after being retired. A lot of people mellow out with age. Batman isn't one of those people. This Batman has become quite the grumpy gus in his absence. He's more brutal and badass than ever, but only if he takes his Centrum Silver and drinks his prune juice.


6. The Dark Knight Rises

bane in snow


Batman is fine and dandy, but he's always been about having an amazing rogue's gallery. Bane might be my favorite comic book villain of all time and Tom Hardy plays him extremely well. The only downside to this movie is having to listen to all of your friends do Bane impressions.


5. Cabin In The Woods

girl kisses wolf head


This is the only horror movie on this list. That might be because it includes every horror movie packed in to one awesome movie. It's like they threw every good horror movie in a blender and set it on badass. For some reason, this got shelved for a while after it was made. Luckily, the lead actor ended up being Thor and the writer ended up making Avengers. I think the extra clout probably helped push it through and kept it from getting lost in direct to DVD hell.


4. Django Unchained

django firing rifle


Pretty much everything I heard about this movie made it a must see for me on Christmas Day. It got a lot of heat for it's violence and language. That just made me more excited for it. Luckily, it did not disappoint. Jamie Foxx is a total badass in the title role and the rest of the cast brings it too. I can't wait for the sequel Django Unchained 2: Secret Of The Ooze.


3. Skyfall

james bond next to car


This might be the most badass Bond movie ever made. That's really saying a lot for a franchise that's been around since before I was born. It's sort of a non-traditional take on Bond since in this one he's sort of working outside the system. The franchise definitely needed a big turn around after the horrible Quantum Of Solace from a few years ago. The only Bond thing better than this movie is Goldeneye64. Nothing could ever top that game.


2. The Raid: Redemption

the raid fight scene


Usually when someone says that a movie is like watching a videogame, that's a bad thing. This is the one exception. The Raid: Redemption is an Indonesian martial arts film from a Welsh director. I'm not a huge fan of martial arts films, but this one had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. To be fair, my seat is just an old milk crate so anywhere I sit is at the edge.


1. The Avengers

the avengers assembled on the street


The Avengers was basically a perfect superhero movie. It could not have been any better than it was. The action scenes were flawless. The problem with most action movies with big casts is that they will either have the final battle be one on one or so busy that you have no idea what is happening. This movie had the perfect solution. The battle in The Avengers had the team split off for individual fights and come back together at different parts all while cutting between stuff happening in different parts of the city. The only disappointment is that there isn't going to be a buddy road trip comedy with Iron Man and the Hulk.


Which movie did you think was the most badass? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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