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10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of 2010

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2010 was the year of celebrities gone wild. In fact, so many celebrities misbehaved that we had a hard time narrowing down the list to our top 10. But we finally decided that these guys set new standards for embarrassing behavior.


10. Lindsay Lohan Got Drunk

In 2010, Lindsay went to jail twice, told off a judge with her fingers, got fitted with a SCRAM bracelet, failed numerous drug tests and went to rehab a couple of times. But her most embarrassing moment in 2010 was her performance in “Machete,” in which she played a “trampier, campier” version of herself. And we didn’t think that was possible.


9. Tiger Woods Acted Like Slutty McSlutterson

Tiger Woods is a busy boy! Not only was he married to a super-hot chick, but the world found out about his 15 mistresses, the call girls he’d hired and the alleged sex tape yet another lady was releasing. Tiger needs to put that putter away!


8. Mel Gibson Finished Killing His Career

Mel Gibson proved again that he was a racist pig by threatening his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, with a phone rant full of racist expletives after she accused him of domestic abuse. As a result, his agent fired him and Mel got booted from his gig in “The Hangover 2.” Mad Mel has officially turned into Mean Old Man Mel.


7. Paris Hilton Was Stupid

When a small baggie of cocaine allegedly fell out of Paris’s purse, first she told police the cocaine was really gum, and then she said she’d borrowed the purse from a friend and didn’t know there were drugs in it. We like the gum story best because it’s so heinously stupid.


6. John Mayer Was A Douche

John Mayer may be a good musician, but he really needs to learn how to keep his big mouth shut. In 2010, he described his relationship with Jessica Simpson as "sexual napalm," shared his dreams of writing pornography and claimed his "d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist" because he hadn't slept with any African-American women. That’s a lot of douchebaggery – is John Mayer training to be Charlie Sheen?


5. Charlie Sheen Trashed A Hotel Room

Due to an “allergic reaction” to alcohol and drugs, Charlie Sheen went on a naked, drunken rampage and trashed his hotel room. In case you didn’t know, the AA people define alcoholism as an “allergic reaction” to alcohol and drugs. Hmm, maybe Charlie has a little problem…


4. Lady Gaga Wrapped Raw Meat Around Her Body

At the MTV Music Awards, Lady Gaga managed to piss off the entire world with her nauseating meat dress. All we could think about when we saw her onstage was how smelly and greasy her boobs must be.


3. Jesse James Used MySpace

Jesse James, married to Sandra Bullock, cheated on her with a tattooed lady he met on MySpace. The embarrassing part of this story isn’t that he stepped out on one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, but that he was caught using MySpace.


2. Heidi Montag Got A Body Transplant

In 2010, Heidi was slammed in the press for having had 10 different kinds of plastic surgery, including a nose job, a butt augmentation and a pair of giant balloons grafted to her chest. Is if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, her husband threatened to release a sex tape and convinced her to take out a restraining order on her mom. Whatever happened to that wholesome young girl from “The Hills”?


1. Snooki Embarrassed Herself

It’s not so much that Snooki was arrested for public drunkenness, it’s what she said to the cops that was truly embarrassing: "You can't tell me what to do–I'm Snooki! Do you know who I am? I'm f—— Snooki. You can't do this to me. I'm f—— Snooki. You guys are going to be sorry for this. Release me!" Her punishment was to spend the day signing autographs as part of her community service. Remind us again, why is Snooki a “star”?


Which was your favorite celebrity “oops” of 2010?


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