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10 Most Horrible Movies Of 2010

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2010: The year of “Inception,” “Toy Story 3,” “The Social Network” … and this list of suck. We proudly present our picks for the worst movies of 2010. Please take a moment to remove them from your Netflix queue.


10. Furry Vengeance

Instead of battling mummies once-popular-actor Brendan Fraser is pitted against the worst CGI woodland creatures we’ve ever seen. We think “Furry Vengeance” would make a fine mash-up with “Yogi Bear,” another pile of steaming dung from 2010. But mashing them up together would likely destroy the majority of space and time, so don't.


9. The Tooth Fairy

The Rock in a tutu sure is funny — for three minutes. Too bad this pile of snail excretion is 101 minutes long. And yes, snails do excrete, I looked it up.


8. Clash Of The Titans

Fans of the classic original wanted to roast Louis Leterrier, who destroyed a perfectly good movie by directing this flatulent, owl-less, plot-less remake. Had there been more hot chicks in skimpy outfits, we might have liked it. But there weren’t. And we hated it. Or owls skimpy outfits, for that matter.


7. The Expendables

Billed as featuring the biggest collection of action stars ever in one movie, “The Expendables” was only a Sly Stallone vehicle, perhaps the worst in his history. Five minute cameos by Bruce Willis and the Governator made the movie even lamer. It was like Ronald Reagan's ghost came back to write a movie about blowing things up.


6. Nightmare On Elm Street

The original Nightmare franchise had “V” veteran Robert Englund as the terrifying Freddy Kruger. Not even Jackie Earl Haley could save this remake from the fact that it made no sense and made me feel bad for Freddy Krueger that he had to be in it. Do you have any idea how bad it feels to feel bad for a guy that kills kids in their dreams?


5. The Karate Kid

Jaden Smith was made by Jada and Will Smith in a factory. He is here to eat our souls. Without Mr. Myagi, this Kid failed … but it still wasn’t worse than Hilary Swank in “The Next Karate Kid.”


4. MacGruber

When will the folks at SNL learn that skits should not be made into movies? Although amusing for three minutes on TV, MacGruber on the big screen was good for three seconds. The only thing worse than sitting through this movie was watching Ryan Phillipe trying to be funny.


3. The Wolfman

Anthony Hopkins and Benecio del Toro as werewolves? Cool! Nope, fail. Lame special effects and a stupid plot made the Wolfman the worst werewolf movie ever made, and that includes “Teen Wolf 2.” But not "Teen Wolf 3: 3 Wolf 3 Furious" which was awesome.


2. The Last Airbender

Not even the gagillions of fan kids who saw this horrible adaptation had anything good to say about it. Bye, bye M. Night Shyamalan…


1. Twilight: Eclipse

Smosh fans will not be surprised to find that I think “Twilight: Eclipse” is the worst movie of the year. Between sparkly abs, Kristen Stewart’s lack of acting and everyone else’s over-acting, Eclipse earned its place on this list. We have a request for the director of the next Twilight movie (and yes, God help us, there will be more … and more and more)—please find something else for Kristen to bite on besides her lower lip. That thing’s going to fall off if she doesn’t stop gnawing at it.


Did we miss any losers from 2010? What was your least favorite movie of the year?


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