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10 Most WTF Rap Lyrics EVER!

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I like rap. Rap has many, many, lyrics that are pure poetry. And I know it must be hard to come up with new boasting metaphors or  crazy a** rhymes that have never been done before…but DAYUM!  These rap lyrics are just all kinds of wrong!


"Young black and famous, with money hangin’ out the anus"


This lyric from Mase and P.Diddy's Can't Nobody Hold Me Down proves once and for all that rappers have run out of ways to say how rich they are. Nobody wants to be poop rich.


"Got a bill in my mouth like I’m Hillary Rodham"


I get it Nelly. Grillz cost a lot. So when you say you got a bill in your mouth, you're talking about the cost of solid gold teeth, which I'm certain are quite pricey. But I don't wanna have the mental image of you kissing former President Bill Clinton. Please revise this metaphor.


"Holla at ya boy, yeah I can do a lot fo ya. Speakin my language if you talkin bout tilapia."


Hey Jeezy, you know I gotta keep it real so…In my mind you lose all street cred, when you start name-dropping gourmet fish.


"Dear Mr. Toilet, I'm the sh*t Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thick."


Dear Mr. Lil Wayne, you can say you're the sh*t without bringing up images of actual doo doo. And I'm sure the fact that you use quilted Charmin is the least of the reasons people hate you.


"Scooby snack jurassic plastic gas booby trap"


It kind of rhymes, I'll give him that. But apparently Ghostface Killah used all of his cleverness when he came up with his name.


"I keep it O.G. watching episodes of O.C."


This lyric from the Living Legend's song Brand New is the exact oppsite of OG. Ryan was the most OG thing about that show and Chino Hills is no Compton.


"I’m hungry for cheese like hungry hungry hippo"


When Project Pat isn't out on the street clocking hos, he's at home playing a thugged out version of a childhood classic. I guess that's how ballers roll!


"I hope they all get cheese like Digiorno"


What is up with rappers and cheese? Looking forward to Weezy name-dropping Chef Boyardee next. No homo.


"Never let me slip, cause if I slip, then I'm slippin'


This is what happens when you prescribe yourself too much chronic. 


"Get off my brand new d**k."


He may have a brand new wang, but Kanye's had his douchey behavior forever!

What are some of your favortie WTF rap lyrics? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below

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