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10 Movie Characters Girls Do NOT Want To Be Set Up With On A Blind Date

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When girls become underwhelmed by the available selection of guys out there, it can be very appealing for them to start fantasizing about dating their favorite movie characters. Call me corny, but I would totally love to be set up with the Ryan Gosling character from The Notebook. Trust me, no one can be more ashamed of me for liking that movie than me. But there are some movie characters who, although they might look good on paper, you would not want to EVER be set up with. In these cases the reality of dating fictional characters would be pretty unappealing. Here's a look at 10 of the worst.


Gilderoy Lockhart,  Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets


A famous writer who makes even the most intelligent of ladies a little gaga? Sounds like a catch! But then there's the whole incurable amnesia thing. Which is especially bad considering the only thing he does remember is his out of control arrogance. After hours of listening to him talk about himself you'll be begging him to erase your memory! Plus, no date should end with the guy handing you an autographed photo of himself.

Gideon Graves, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World


At first you'll be a little miffed that someone set you up with such a hipster d-bag. Next thing you know you'll be obsessed with and ironic fashion. Don't worry it's not really you, you've just been implanted with a mind-control microchip. Actually you should worry. Better hope Scott Pilgrim is free to save you.


Anakin Skywalker, The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy


Darth Vader is a total badass! I'd be all over that evil mofo! But Anakin?? He has a rat tail, people! Plus, if you ask me those love scenes between him and Padme were pretty stiff. And not in a good way.


Alan Garner, The Hangover Movies


Alan makes me laugh. If Alan is around, hijinks will ensue. And I like hijinks. But it's one thing to see what happens to people who get slipped a roofie and it's quite another to be slipped a roofie yourself. Plus roofies and first dates never have good outcomes.


Red, Pineapple Express


Maybe it's me but I just can't be attracted to a guy who says the phrase 'Bros before hoes.' Even if he does have the super-appealing quality of celebrating his cat's birthday.


Troy Bolton, The High School Musical Movies


Just no. I could never live with the embarrassment of my date breaking out into song to express a feeling. I go on dates in the hopes that a guy might buy me tacos, not to be humiliated by Glee IRL.


Patrick Bateman, American Psycho


Successful, attractive and a little cocky? I'm down with that. But I draw the line at sadistic sexual murder. And the music of Huey Lewis. A girl's gotta have her limits!


Andy, Wet Hot American Summer


Bad boys certainly have their appeal and he is a definite cutie. But I'm pretty sure if a guy told me I tasted like a burger after licking my face off, it would take me years to recover from that indignity. And I don't really wanna have any negativity bringing down the joy of delicious burger eating.


Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights


Maybe it's just me…I mean, I'm sure there are a lot of ladies who would love to fire up Ricky Bobby's engine. But the only thing I have in common with him is the love of saying 'Let's shake and bake!' And I'm pretty sure impressive first dates never occur at Applebee's, unless you're sixteen.


Jacob Black Or Edward Cullen,  Twilight


Is Team Forever Alone an option? Because if it came down to these two guys, a quiet life with my twenty cats would be the preferable choice. Plus, no one wants Bella Swan's sloppy seconds!

What movie characters would you not want to be set up with on a blind date? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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