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10 Movie Worlds It Would Be Awesome To Live In

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You can tell a good movie when the world it creates becomes so fantastical, so surreal that you find yourself re-watching the film over and over just to live in it for another hour and a half. The worst part, is the return to reality. Lucky for you, I sympathize, and rounded up a group of 10 of my favorite movie worlds I’d like to spend a day or two strolling through. Let's see if you agree…


10. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Is there anything better than a universe in which you can summon superhuman strength to punch out your girlfriend’s evil ex-boyfriend? Don’t answer that, I don’t wanna know.


9. The Big Lebowski

Sure, yes. Lebowski’s portrait of 90's Los Angeles seems real enough, but the bowling alley in which the Dude rolled with Walter and Donny no longer stands in LA county, so that’s enough to qualify it as some distant fantasy world where people stealing rugs is grounds for felony, and every home is fully equipped with the ingredients for the perfect White Russian.


8. Amelie

Sometimes I listen to the accordion-heavy soundtrack while riding my bike through town and squint my eyes just long enough to feel like Amelie on the back of a Vespa trying to navigate herself through Paris. To our male readers this was read as, “I’m a girl I’m a girl I’m a girl, I like artsy films, I’m a girl.”


7. Back to the Future

Admit it – you’ve dreamt hoverboards were real, or wished you could taste a re-hydrated pizza, or even gone back to the 1950’s just for a shopping spree alone. If not for all that I just mentioned, living in this world would finally answer the age-old question of why Doc Brown was hanging out with a teenager like Marty McFly in the first place, and why no one felt this inappropriate.


6. Edward Scissorhands

The pastels, the cookie-cutter ‘60s era houses, the potlucks, the infinite possibilities of shaping any shrubbery into a whimsical character. Oh, and Johnny Depp. Did I mention Johnny Depp? I mean, he’s hot in this movie and he’s wearing make-up the entire time – that says a lot.


5. Pretty in Pink

If you lived in this world you would work at a cool record store, wear original and inventive outfits and be best friends with Duckie long before 2 1/2 men. That last detail alone should have really sold you.


4. The Incredibles

From the vaguely retro architecture, to the fact that OH YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT SUPERHEROES ACTUALLY EXIST IN THIS WORLD, I’m pretty much sold on living in the Incredibles world, if for only a day.


3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

A universe in which humans and cartoons interact is a world that all at once seems like my craziest fantasy and my most delusional sugar high black-out. Either or, I’m into it.


2. Harry Potter

I haven’t met a single Harry Potter lover who hasn’t contemplated what a day would be like within Hogwarts historic walls. I myself would be a Ravenclaw student, an avid Quidditch appreciator and a frequent Three Broomsticks customer. I don’t find this at all odd.


1. Ghostbusters

I would live in this world just to snark around with Bill Murray’s character at the Ghostbusters headquarters alone. Then a random mission would come in, we’d see some stuff go down, we’d vanquish some ghouls and then get right back to snarkin’.


What movie worlds do you wish you could live in? Let's discuss in the comments below!

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