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10 Movies That Totally Should’ve Won The Best Picture Oscar Because They Are Awesome

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So now that the Golden Globes are over and we’re officially in Hollywood awards season, it’s nice to take time and think about all the great movies that Hollywood has ignored. I mean really there needs to be a category just for best Skyline of the year and every year it just goes to Skyline cause Donald Faison is our generation’s Zach Braff. So I decided to come up with a list of 10 movies that never got best picture Oscars but totally should have because they are awesome freakin pictures. Let me know what movies you think got snubbed in the comments below or by tweeting at me @danborrelli




Everything about this movie should have won an award. But you know what won instead in 1985? Amadeus. AMA-F*$&ING-DEUS! That movie is painful and involves 0 time traveling, 0 Christopher Lloyd, and 0 Jennifer. I guess a movie that went on to inspire 2 huge sequels, countless cultural trends, and even its own line of Nike sneakers just isn’t deserving of being placed in the same category as “that Mozart movie.”



Jeff Goldblum should host the Oscars every year with Will Smith. And instead of giving awards they should just yell things like, “I have got to get me one of these!” ID4 inspired a whole generation of young people to seriously consider aliens, and now look, we’re one remote Titan-esc rock away from making first contact. All cause Goldblum manned the hell up and punched the president.



This movie is fantastic and heart warming and every other tagline you see on posters in the lobby of an AMC. It was nominated but lost to The Departed. Grrr… Fine! But still. There hasn’t been a comedy in the last 6 years that has even come close to being such an all around perfect movie. In fact, the last comedy to win the Oscar for Best Picture was Annie Hall back in 1914(ish). But Crash get one, fine, whatever.



An American Graffiti set in the 70s that came out in the 90s. This movie is 100% nostalgia for everyone regardless of age. It shows how timeless our experiences are as adolescents and is also freakin hilarious. Plus Ben Affleck is perfectly cast as a huge asshole who picks on nerdy kids and the movie has a soundtrack that should be in the Library of Congress. If you haven’t seen this, put down your internet immediately. Then pick it back up and Netflix this movie!



Heath Ledger’s first Oscar-worthy role was that of a high school student who sings karaoke while Fred Astairing up some bleachers. This movie was both a hilarious romp, as well as a cautionary morality tale. Plus it had the chick from Alex Mack. Also more movies should be described as romps. It’s awesome. Use that word in a sentence this week guys. It will be a romping sentence, I promise.



Say what you will about Kevin Smith but the guy made a movie for nothing that launched the careers of dozens people as well as iconic characters and became a complete cultural phenomenon. He did it all by maxing out a credit card in his early 20s; something most of us do, but don’t get into Sundance for. Movies like Clerks and Slacker show that it takes an idea, more than a studio and someone needs to be rewarded for this.



Come on! This movie is amazing. It’s become the staple Christmas movie every year and you know what won Best Picture in ’83? Terms of Endearment. Terms of freakin Endearment. That’s that movie about the, uh, um, not sexy leg lamp.



One of the best musicals in the last 20 years. This film was nominated for best song and the Academy’s head nearly exploded. Imagine if it won Best Picture!? People would have had to start actually accepting humor requires talent (as evidenced by how unfunny my blog is – science). My point is ALL the comedy in Shakespeare was raunchy. If he were around today, he’d have a show on FX at 1am called Thumb Biters. (Note to self, pitch Thumb Biters…also pitch Alan Alda biopic…)



Yeah…sorry…this one isn’t a joke. This film was an incredible story and it’d be nice to see a documentary win that isn’t about Wallstreet or Iraq. Not that those are bad, this is just very unique. Anyway it’s become a favorite of those who’ve seen it and totally worth the Netflixing. Also, fair warning, it’s cuttin’ onions.



If I told you a dramatic Western starring Clint Eastwood won Best Picture you’d probably think it happened in the 1880s. Nope, Chuck Testa, it was 1993. And here Jurassic Park stands, the movie of the decade with the best actors of said decade and a story that no matter times how often I see it I’d still bring dinosaurs back to life. Jurassic Park deserves the best-movie-of-all-ever Oscar. FACT. But who knows, maybe the Academy will one day recognize the magic Jurassic Park brought to life. I mean, life finds a way…

Let me know what you think guys! Drop a “first” in the comments section below or by tweeting at me @danborrelli

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