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10 Facebook Pics You Don’t Wanna Be Tagged In

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I fricking hate tagging. I don’t wanna tag myself in one of those ‘tag yourself!’ images and I certainly don’t want you tagging me in the most janky pictures ever taken. If you hate tagging too, your life is about to get worse because Facebook is rolling out it’s facial recognition software, which will make it even easier for your a-hole tag-aholic friends and family to tag you in unflattering situations. It’ll also make it easier for you to be mistakenly tagged in your dummy doppelganger’s WTF photos. I mean it’s bad enough to be tagged in a pic showing your own idiocy…but someone else’s? WRONG! As with any new Facebook setting this is one of those opt-out dealios. So you better change those settings…cause whether it’s you or someone who looks like you, I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna be tagged in any super-duper embarrassing photos. Like one of these for instance…


The One Where You Pulled A Fergie



Yeah, you probably laughed when she took the picture…that’s because you were obviously not with it. But your humiliation didn’t end that night, because all your Facebook friends are about to be notified, culminating in the final humiliation…your Nana commenting “LMAO.”


The VD Pool Party


No one wants to be tagged in a photo album with the title “VD Pool Party.” It just screams you derped so hard you herped. Even though the VD probably stands for something else, you will forever be associated with unwanted sores and public pools…two things that are very, very icky.


The Lamest Sword Fight Ever


There is ‘so nerdy it’s cool’ and then there is ‘virgin-for-life who writes erotic fan fiction about Luna Lovegood’ nerdy. This is the latter. Especially if you’re the one wearing the makeshift knight costume. 


The Awkward Boner Photo


Even though you were sleeping, you will never live this rise down. Also what the hell is up with your friend? I guess I’d rather be tagged as the sleeper than the creeper.


The Titanic Fail


It’s hard to say who fares worse here—the tighty-whitey-clad ship’s captain or the loving but doomed couple? No… it’s definitely the two guys acting out the Titanic scene, a scene that no self-respecting man would admit to knowing about, much less act out.


You, Back In The Day


Dad…why are you tagged in an album called “The Cast Of Hard Bodies, 1984”? And why is everyone calling you The Baloney Pony? You do not want to have this conversation with your children.


The One Where You Got Hardcore Beaned


It would’ve been a cool pic if you caught it in your hands.


At A Bieber Concert


I don’t care if you had to take your daughter or little sister! Anyone in their right mind would never agree to this task. It is a torture more severe than water-boarding.


The One Where You're Being Awkwardly Enthusiastic


When confronted with a stranger’s peen the appropriate thing to do is scream in horror, not in excitement. I like the fact that most of the girls in this pic are like ‘meh’ but that one guy is all like ‘it’s getting hot in herrre…so take off all your clothes’! You’re the one who needs to chill out dude.


A Very Unfortunate Childhood Photo


This has to be one of the worst family portraits ever…right? It’s like the super square muggle version of the Weasley’s. No one would want to be tagged in this hot honeyed-mess. Unless you’re the little bada**. Then that would be excellent.

What do you think of Facebook’s facial recognition feature? Have you ever been tagged in an embarrassing photo? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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