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10 Places Kim Kardashian Should Hide

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 I never though I'd agree with Kim Kardashian, but I definitely agree with her desire to disappear after filing for divorce. I mean who wouldn't want her to go missing for good?


She’s tried Australia and Minnesota but these ten places would be much more effective. 


In Her Butt


Suspend your disbelief. If it did happen, we’d never find her.


In Paris Hilton’s Doggie Mansion


This is the only mansion she deserves to live in. Amongst other fluffy creatures.


In Lamar Odom’s Pocket


This way she could get her fix of athlete crotch while remaining out of the spotlight.


A Tent in the Wilderness Made of her Wedding Dress(es)


There’s enough fabric there to clothe a village but if she just took a bit of it, she could fashion a tent big enough for her and her ego…lollll imagine her in this tent!!!


An Igloo Made of Gaudy Jewels


This will work because it will be so hideously over the top that even the polar bears will stay away.


Inside a Giant Television


Or, inversely, she could hide in the real world, because who would expect to find her there?


In a Library


…..self explanatory.


Behind A Mask Made of Bruce Jenner’s Old Face


You know he has the old one saved in a jar somewhere.


BEHIND a camera


There is no image of Kim behind a camera. Only in front of any and all she can find.




Let’s be real here, with no makeup, short hair and in an orange jumpsuit, Kim would never be noticed. Also doesn’t her hair in the picture look like she’s giving a brown frog a piggy- back ride?

Where Else Should Kim Hide? Let us know in the comments!

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