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10 Romantic Comedies Dudes Actually Love

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Growing up my mom always used to watch “You’ve Got Mail.” Like way too much even for a mom who was really into “You’ve Got Mail.” And I vowed I’d never like a cheesy love story, I was twelve. And after a recent run through of my DVD collection, I realized that many of my “guy” movies I like are in fact undercover rom coms. So if your gal likes to watch romantic comedies, here's some movies you might actually enjoy together.


10. The 40 Year Old Virgin


People often forget this movie about sex, revolves around a single mom and a scared nerd getting over their fears and falling in love. It also features Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd smiling at each other and accusing each other of loving men. The romantic tension in this movie gets so thick that in the end it has to be released through a fantasy sequence with a unicorn and a song from the musical Hair.


9. The Princess Bride


Is there kissing in this story grandpa? You’re damn right there is Kevin Arnold. This heroic tale featuring a pro wrestler from the writer of Misery is nothing more than a classic love story. Sure there are masculine tropes like pirates, avenging one’s father, and cheating death, but in the end it all comes down to love conquering all.


8. Clerks


A slow decent into the several circles of retail hell, Dante is kept alive by one thing, his love of Kaitlin. He can’t stand to see her marry someone else despite the fact that it creates an immediate love triangle between him and his current girlfriend. And I dare you to name me a single rom com that doesn’t feature sex… with a dead guy!


7. Half Baked


What’s more romantic than giving up a drug habit for the woman you love? This movie has the three things most necessary for a successful rom com; cute dogs, a lovable best friend, and the ghost of Jerry Garcia pummeling a drug lord with a transparent guitar.


6. Beverly Hills Cop


Okay, so you might be thinking, “is there even a secondary love story in this movie?” To which I would say, “I miss pre-Tyler Perry Amurrca, a place where a white cop and a black cop can fall in guy love without anyone wearing a fat suit.” This movie is about two worlds coming together and it’s beautiful. Also, best Damon Wayans cameo ever.


5. American Pie


Let’s make a vow to all lose our virginity before graduation…and fall in love in the process! This movie features an A cappella love song, a blossoming long term relationship, and the idea that true love can reach across high school status boundaries. If it weren’t for Stifler and the invention of the word MILF this movie would be a flagship for the Oxygen Network.


4. Ocean’s Eleven


The ultimate guyvendure, right bros? Casinos, smoking, heists; winning back the love of your life by any means necessary… This movie is sapfest 5000. All George Clooney wants is to run away with Julia Roberts, and who can blame him? She’s sassy, bright, and matches him perfectly. This isn’t about a revenge heist at all, it’s about chasing the one who got away while watching Brad Pitt constantly eat.


3. Anchor Man


Perhaps one of the most quotable films of the aughts, we remember this movie solely as a dude flick. However if you pay attention it’s about two people who give up their cold, shark like career driven lives in favor of true love for one another. Not to mention it features a way more positive message for women than either of the Sex and the City movies. Alrighty then? Alrighty then.


2. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Male gaze, am I right guys? This movie feature more grinning and male on male gun pointing than any movie to date. If only these three could put their differences aside and recognize their true love for each other, then grandfathers everywhere would have one less movie to endlessly watch on loop.


1. Office Space


This should not be surprising, the movie is literally about a guy who has given up on life until he throws caution to the wind and falls in love with the girl of his dreams. Combine that with how, when it came out guys wanted nothing more than to be Ron Livingston and be with Jennifer Aniston. This movie is fantasy fulfillment at it’s finest, and isn’t that what a good rom com is all about?

What's your favorite dude friendly romantic comedy? Share in the comments.

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