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10 School Survival Rules

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We all need education. But getting it can be super boring! Don’t worry, though. Despite what you may think, you don’t have to dread the experience.
In fact, you may even look forward to it!
Check out these 10 rules to help you have a smooth ride while gettin’ some knowledge.

1. Never Schedule a Class Before Noon

Even a morning person will tell you going to class first thing in the morning sucks. And if you are someone that likes to grab a few extra ZZZ’s, then definitely don’t even think about a class that involves a time with A.M. after it.

2. Only Attend the Big Classes

When you want to ditch class, it’s always good to make sure the teacher won’t notice. So definitely pick a class that has over 100 students in it. Anything less, and there is a chance your teacher will be on to you.

3. Always Get in the Hot Girl Line

Hot girls have the easy road in life, we all know that. Whenever you need to stand in line for something at school, and you will stand in many during your educational years, always choose the line with the most hot girls. It will move quicker and you will benefit from their ‘hot girl luck’.

4. Know Where All the Vending Machines Are

You won’t always have time grab lunch, or dinner, even. Vending machines will save your life. They are packed with wonderful sugar and salty goodness. And lots and lots of caffeine. Keep some spare change on hand at all times.

5. Don’t Take Too Many Classes

Why do some students sign up for a full load every semester? Is this necessary? Of course not! Pace yourself so you have time for something other than studying. Like partying!

6. Avoid Teachers With Long Names

Avoid any class where the teacher has a last name with a hyphen, or is more than ten letters long. Teachers with long names tend to be the toughest and strictest. Chances are they are wicked smart, give harder tests, and won’t take slacking off.

7. Join a Cool Club

Nerds join the chess club and math team. Hook up with one of the fun groups, like the Horror Film Fan Club or the Paragliding Club. Find a cool group with similar interests and let the fun begin. And don’t forget to make fun of the dorks in chess club!

8. Wear Comfy Clothes

Hopefully, you are not at a school that requires stuffy uniforms. Since you will be sitting class for a few hours every day, make sure your outfits are comfortable. And not itchy. Itchy clothes can drive you insane.

9. Pick Easy Electives

You always have to take extra electives to fulfill your diploma. Some electives are boring, but there are a few that can be pure educational escapism. Like Acting 101 and Baking 101. Those kind of electives are just an excuse to slack off and get an ‘A’ for it!

10. Sign Up for the Gym Teacher’s Class

Because our education system is in the crapper these days, many teachers are filling in for other classes. Gym teachers are even teaching basic science or social studies classes…which is the greatest thing ever! Gym teachers don’t really care about the class and will likely be dressed in sweat pants and reading the Sports Page every period. Greatest goof-off class of all time!

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