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10 Sexiest Celebrity Beards

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One of my deepest annoyances in being of the female species, is the fact that I am physically incapable of growing a beard or an awesome mustache.

Need a way to show the world that you’ve gone through puberty and are now older and wiser? There’s a beard for that. Need a way to transition from boylike charm to adult studliness? A little scruff should do the trick. If you’re a facial hair fan then I’ve found the list for you! Here's a grouping of 10 celebrities ranging from scruffy simplicity to bearded perfection. Enjoy!


10. Adrian Grenier

Joaquin Phoenix take note – this is how an “I’m going through transitions in my career and I kind of don’t care about my facial hair” beard is done right.


9. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp taught younger stars like Zac Efron what a pirate-hobo-casanova mustache looked like, he practically coined the look, “gypsy rock star minstrel” and is so distinguished that if his facial hair could talk, it would most likely have an undefined, yet oh-so-exotic accent.


8. James Franco

James Franco is so sexy in that classic Hollywood style, that I’ll be damned if the follicles in his thin mustache aren’t held together by the ghost of James Dean himself.


7. David Beckham

David, you are like a sexy Train Conductor, or a sexy Science Professor… now get back to playing sexy soccer with my heart.


6. Josh Groban

Though Josh’s facial hair is just a whisper of a beard – the polar opposite to his characteristically booming songbird persona, he wins the award for being sexy in an Every-Mother’s-Favorite-Fantasy-for-a-Future-Son-in-Law kind of way.


5. Orlando Bloom

Dear Orlando, I miss covering your chin, it completes your face with that pirate-y sexiness that only you know how to pull off. Love, your old beard.


4. Penn Badgley

I can’t decide if Penn Badgley is Diet James Marsden or Manlier Josh Groban. Either way, he sure is pretty.


3. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive – MEANING – facial hair follicles are lucky to grace his perfect complexion. He can go full Teen Wolf and still be devastatingly handsome.


2. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson’s twenty-something beard was a test to the public on whether or not we could still love him with scruff. Answer: We can, and we shall.


1. Zac Efron

Do you think that calling ZE “Baby Clark Gable” will ever be a thing? No? …Really? Ok. Well, I guess I’ll just kill time getting lost in his baby blues. If you need me I’ll be here.

Who's your favorite celiebrity beard?


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